5 Bay Area Hotels Worthy of Your Next West Coast Visit

by Bert Maxwell / Sep 26, 2014 /
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Visiting San Francisco's Bay Area is pricey for the uneducated traveler. Doing your research on hotels before heading to the San Francisco Bay area is certainly worth your time. Here are a few ideas for the budget-conscious.

Travel Tips: Cancun

by Bert Maxwell / May 16, 2013 /
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If you’re like me, you love holidaying in exotic locations that are home to stunning coral sand beaches, clear blue skies, and waters that are more than warm enough to take a dip in - but don't want the unreasonable price tag that may be associated with such exotic destinations. I’m always looking for the beach.

One such place in the sun is Cancun, Mexico. It is Mexico’s largest tourist destination – for good reason. There’s something for everyone, whether you are traveling with a group, with your family, or by yourself.

Brookgreen Gardens: a gentle side of Myrtle Beach

by Janice Waugh / Apr 22, 2011 /
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Brookgreen Gardens is truly an oasis in Myrtle Beach. Most of the area is golf courses, malls, chain restaurants and mini-putts. But Brookgreen Gardens makes a stop in Myrtle Beach well worthwhile. It is magical.

Traveling to Patagonia: Top 10 Tips

by Janice Waugh / Mar 20, 2011 /
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Torres del Paine.

Solo travel.


10 Tips - and some great photos to inspire.