Filtering through the morass of information to truly learn

by Bert Maxwell /
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Nov 19, 2014 / 0 comments

As an educator, I feel strongly that we need to take advantage of all resources to continue our quest for lifelong learning. From e-learning and all the various forms of online education to new technologies to old-fashioned talking with people, the more we learn, the better off we are.

Here’s one of the problems, though, with using online education – there’s SO MUCH information out there. It can be overwhelming, it’s difficult to take it all in, and often we can’t filter enough of the dregs out for a comprehensive picture of what we’d like to learn.

Some companies, including filtered, have created personalized, adaptive technology to do just that – filter out the information we don’t need to process, and help discover the information that is critical to our learning. How does filtering help? Well, it can accelerate learning, encourage learning and increase knowledge while reducing the time spent learning, and improve comprehension.

Let’s look at this infographic as an example of using online education more wisely:


Filtering through the morass of information to truly learn


We all know that education, knowledge, and information make for happier, smarter, more well-rounded individuals. People want to learn!

And by learning, as this infographic shows, people will be more efficient, want to learn more, be happier, and perform their jobs better. We’ve all seen this happen – but the key is to implement this sort of education in all spheres of life – work, home, play, and in things we love to do (like writing!).


How do you use online learning? How does it improve your work – in any area?