About Us

About Us

We are an eclectic group of global and traveling educators, bent on sharing our passion for travel with like-minded individuals. We are:

Ed Forteau, Publisher

ed [at] wanderingeducators [dot] com

Dr. Jessie Voigts

jessie [at] wanderingeducators [dot] com

Brianna Krueger, Chief Editor

Dacey Loving, Executive Editor for Global Education


Geographic Editors

Lindsey Lehman - Bermuda Editor

John Goodrick - Middle Eastern Culture and Politics Editor

Ashley Bartner/La Tavola Marche - Living in Italy Editor

Benny Høynes - Norway Editor

Megan Aronson - Tourism, Travel and Toddlers Editor for Sedona, Arizona; Breckenridge, Colorado and beyond

Sumit Vashisht - Astounding Himalayas Editor

Lisa Niver Rajna - Geography Awareness Editor

Terri Weeks - Cincinnati Editor

Talia Klundt - Sweden Editor

Curtis Cunningham - Northern BC Editor

Topical Editors

Dacey Loving - Global Education in the Classroom Editor

Andrea Hupke de Palacio and Kim Rodeffer Funk – Art Editors

Stephane Alexanre - Intercultural Immersion Editor

Allison Buzzanga - Study Abroad Editor

Alexis Donaldson - Intercultural Editor

Michelle Belair - Budget and Student Travel Editor

Amanda Bent - Cultural Awarness and Diversity Editor

Thomas Dowson - Archaeology Editor

Roseli Serra - ELT Editor

G. Michael Schneider - Academic Travel Editor

Jordan Oram, Photography Editor, Outdoor Adventures Editor

Ashley Steel, Traveling with Kids Editor

Christa Dillabaugh - Education and the Rainforest Editor

Lillie Forteau, Special Reporter for Children's Activities

Rosie Carbo, Lifestyles Editor

Julie Royce, Travel Adventures Editor

Jennifer Miller/Edventure Mama - Uncommon Childhood Editor

Penny Sadler - Style/Travel Editor

Carol Voigts, Co-Editor of Retiree Travel

Betty Jo Riggs, Co-Editor of Retiree Travel

Lexa Pennington, Events Editor

Bert Maxwell, Technology Editor

Barbary Chaapel/nonameharbor, Sailing Editor

Marti Mayne, B&B Editor

Kerry Dexter - Music Editor

Josh Garrick - Florida Arts Editor

Wink Lorch/Wine Travel Guides - Wine Editor

Winfred Peppinck/Wandering Freditor - Tales of the Travelling Editor

Voices from India/Jaimala  and Delta Donohue - Voices from India Editors

Shelley Seale - Cultural Travel Editor

Courtney Miles - Fitness Editor

Trish Clark - European Accommodations Editor

Becky Burns - Soulful Traveler Editor

Robert Tuchman - Sports Editor

Skye Wentworth - Entertainment Editor

Jodi Ziskin - Traveling with Pets Editor

Carrie Yoder Macomber - Arts Editor

Heddi Cundle - Social Butterfly Editor

Kristen J Gough - My Kids Eat Squid - Global Cuisines and Kids Editor

Stasia Lopez - Global Education Editor

Kathryn Blanco - Disney Editor

Latitude 34 - Adventure Travel Editor

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley - Culinary Travel Editor






Are you passionate about an area of the world, or a topical area of interest? Would you like to be considered for an Editorship? Email us (jessie [at] wanderingeducators dot com) and let's talk!