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Read This: Bryanna Royal on Full-Time RVing With Kids: An Insider's Guide To Life On The Road

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We are so happy to share an important new book in the family travel scene, Full-Time RVing With Kids: An Insider's Guide To Life On The Road, by Bryanna Royal. In 2014, Bryanna Royal and her family of 6 hit the road full-time in an RV to explore North America. During this time, she built 2 remote businesses, had epic adventures, and spent many nights around the campfire. She speaks at events on RVing and being an entrepreneur, along with producing content to inspire others to get on the road with their family. 

Why Bedford, PA was the Perfect Place for a Mother/Daughter Trip

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My mom, Rita, turned 60 last year, and my sister, Nicoletta, and I wanted to take her on a special birthday trip to commemorate this milestone in her life! We offered her anywhere (literally in the world to pick from), but she wanted to go to a place she hasn’t been in close to 30 years...Bedford, Pennsylvania! It is a place that was always special to her heart growing up as a child. Her father, John (my grandfather), was from a little town in Bedford County, called Riddlesburg.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History with Kids

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Whales, minerals and dinosaurs. Planets, forests, mammals and butterflies.

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is a hub for all things human science: biology, ecology, zoology, geology, astronomy and anthropology. Spanning many city blocks on the Upper West Side of New York City, with four floors, 42 permanent exhibits, a planetarium and an IMAX theater, approximately five millions visitors explore this behemoth of a museum each year.

Your 5 Best Places to Take A Historical Family Vacation

If your family’s anything like our family, you love to talk and to learn about history, whether that’s in the local area or on the other side of the world. You’ll know you’ve caught the bug if you can’t get enough of documentaries and the history channel.
Nothing quite brings history to life like going to visit some of the places where the iconic moments that shaped our times took place. But with so much history all around us, how can we decide where to visit first?

First, Read This: Lonely Planet's Family Travel Handbook

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Whether you're new to family travel or an old hand, there is much to learn—each kid (and family) is different! Where to go for the best advice? We wholeheartedly recommend the latest guide from Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet's Family Travel Handbook. It is packed FULL of goodness, and is written by Imogen Hall, who, as a family traveler AND a writer, knows her stuff.

Family Travel Tips: Top 5 Destinations for Multigenerational Travel

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We’ve shared some fantastic Expert Tips for Multigenerational Trips from Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook. Inspired??

If you are traveling with three generations (or more), you’ll want destinations with something for all. Here are their top 5:

Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook: Expert Tips for Multigenerational Trips

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Want to learn how to plan a successful multigenerational trip? Thanks to Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook, you can.

Take a look:

Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook: Expert Tips for Multigenerational Trips

A Cozy Place to Stay in Stratford, Ontario

by Lillie Forteau / Jan 28, 2020 /
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Looking for accomodations in Stratford, Ontario? A Patch of Heaven B&B is a cute, cozy place to stay. Just blocks from the city's downtown, it is still quiet and warm, like the suburbs. It was the perfect homebase for our multigenerational trip to one of our favorite towns.

A Cozy Place to Stay in Stratford, Ontario

Mom's Guide to the Most Relaxing Vacation Places in the US

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Attention all moms! Do you need a break from the rigors of life? Some time to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries?

Of course you do.

Luckily, the US has many great vacation destinations that will help you do just that. Here are seven such places. 

Mom's Guide to the Most Relaxing Vacation Places in the US

How to Save Money and Time: Expert Shares Top Travel Planning Tips

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The more you save, the more you can travel–that’s my motto. And saving money (and time) are critical factors to remember when you are planning your travels. Sure, we’ve all heard budget travel tips…but which ones to believe?

Here are my top travel planning tips for saving both money AND time on your journeys. Hint: the main concept here is research!