White House Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 25, 2016 /
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I truly believe that international education can change the world. From studying abroad, hosting exchange students, working abroad, doing international internships, taking international classes, learning languages, taking a gap year, asking questions and learning about people’s lives, and traveling, there is a plethora of ways to learn about people, places, cultures, and

Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 22, 2012 /
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Kids today face challenges that their parents and grandparents could never imagine.  There are no clear career paths for them, because the way we work and live is constantly changing and evolving.  This has also created opportunities, and a lifestyle, that didn't exist a decade ago.  Now, more than ever, kids can truly live their dreams.  They can create

Wonderful World of White

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You know how you find a photographer, and then click through their ENTIRE Instagram, liking each one? Or heading to their website to discover more? When we find such a creative artist that speaks to us, it’s both a lucky occurrence (finding them in the millions of people online) and a life-enhancing moment. From now on, our lives will be enriched by their talent, view, artistry, and sharing of their worldview.

Digital Nomad Tips: How to Make Money on the Road

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Jobs are easy to find these days. You can find a job flipping burgers, waiting tables, cutting lawns, or folding clothes in a mall pretty quickly, if you put a couple days of legwork in. High paid careers, on the other hand…those are hard to come by. They require hard work, college, sacrifice, more college, and more hard work. And networking. Don’t forget about networking. 

Hidden Treasures: The Alleys of the Middle East

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If visiting the Middle East, you might want to visit a famous landmark or two -- the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak perhaps, or the Western Wall and the Umayyad Mosque. But without a doubt, a trip to the Middle East would be incomplete without a stroll down an alley.

Hidden Treasures: The People of Petra, Jordan

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One of the most famous sites in the Middle East is Petra, a city that the Nabateans carved out of rose-red rock in southern Jordan about 2000 years ago.

Wonders of the Middle East

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Spanning many very different countries, the Middle East is teeming with architectural treasures and cultural delights to stimulate and amaze you when you visit. Also stunning are the landscapes and the beauty of the natural world, from deserts to dunes, seascapes to sunsets, and a shimmering splendor that soothes the soul.

ESL Tips: The importance of giving feedback

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Traditionally, tests and examinations evaluate how students perform in terms of learning outcome. However in a learner-centred education system, it is more important to monitor students' learning processes and to give them direct feedback.

Learning more about art from travelling

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If you’re a lover of art and you’re keen to expand your horizons, travelling to see it in person can be an incredible experience. Both travel and art broaden the mind, so why not combine geographical and intellectual journeys? Doing so will give you better recall of what you learn and will help you connect with it in a wholly different way, enriching every aspect of your life.

Learning more about art from travelling

Route 66: America's Longest Small Town - Land of Opportunity

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In Route 66: America's Longest Small Town, author and Route 66 expert Jim Hinckley explores and discovers the people behind the iconic places and the current renaissance that has made the highway "America's longest attraction."