White House Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 25, 2016 /
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I truly believe that international education can change the world. From studying abroad, hosting exchange students, working abroad, doing international internships, taking international classes, learning languages, taking a gap year, asking questions and learning about people’s lives, and traveling, there is a plethora of ways to learn about people, places, cultures, and

Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 22, 2012 /
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Kids today face challenges that their parents and grandparents could never imagine.  There are no clear career paths for them, because the way we work and live is constantly changing and evolving.  This has also created opportunities, and a lifestyle, that didn't exist a decade ago.  Now, more than ever, kids can truly live their dreams.  They can create

100 Things to Do in America Before You Die

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100 Things To Do In America Before You Die is a collection of uniquely American experiences. In it, you'll find...  

100 Things to Do in America Before You Die

Best Ways to Find Jobs Abroad

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Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live anywhere we want without a job. While some can live the nomadic life on a dime or a fortune, the rest of us need to work our way. If you want to live abroad and make some money along the way, here are some interesting ways to do so.

Travelling to the Middle East During Ramadan

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If you are thinking of travelling to the Middle East anytime soon, then you will experience what is known as the month of Ramadan for our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar; meaning it rotates annually, and each new month is dependent on the sighting of the moon – meaning a month could last anywhere between 29 and 31 days. 

San Donato In Poggio in Pictures: The Beauty of Tuscany

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San Donato In Poggio in Pictures: The Beauty of Tuscany

On a trip to Tuscany, this is the place to stay. It is halfway between Florence and Siena, and not far from San Gimignano and Volterra. This beauty of a town is small but still shows its medieval heritage. The main part of town is still surrounded by the walls built back in the 12th century for protection. So many touches of the original remain, such as arches and towers.

More Secrets of Florence: Naked Debtors And Michelangelo's Graffiti

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Would you like to know more about Florence than many Florentines?

Allow me to share with you my second installation of The Secrets of Florence.
More Secrets of Florence: Naked Debtors And Michelangelo's Graffiti

7 Mole Lessons from Salt Lake City’s Storied Red Iguana Restaurant

by MyKidsEatSquid / May 23, 2017 /
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In 1989, I made my first trek to Salt Lake City’s famed Red Iguana restaurant.
I was just 14 then and had gone to the four-year-old Mexican restaurant during a solo trip to see my brother, who lived in the area.
7 Mole Lessons from Salt Lake City’s Storied Red Iguana Restaurant

The things we carry when we travel: Our ethnicity. Our dreams. Our hopes.

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My hair looks different, my backpack is always open, and I have a medium brown complexion. I'm sun-kissed. I am kissed by the sun. Now, if you live in Boston or in Medford, where I go to Tufts, and you saw me walking down the street, you'd probably make nothing of it. 

I was waiting for the ferry from Montevideo to Buenos Aires with my friends a few weeks ago. A long way from Boston. I was charging my phone when a kid walked up to me and asked in Spanish "Why are you brown?"

"You're brown all over. You look like soil."

Unusual things to see and do in Ravenna

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Situated along Italy’s Adriatic Coast in the Emilia Romagna region, Ravenna is an often-overlooked location for travelers. But there is much to discover in this history-laden town, from Roman and Byzantine structures to art and culture to crypts, libraries with cats, and adventures galore. Find your home base via Azzurro Club (check for seaside locations, so you can have the best of history, culture, and beaches), and then get ready to explore!