New to Learning at Home? Start Here:

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Mar 18, 2020 /
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Recently, because of the COVID-19 virus and its implications for education, I was interviewed by Matt Villano for his CNN article on How 'regular school' parents can homeschool their kids. The article is packed with experts sharing interesting information for parents, and he included my advice on getting kids outside (you know that is a passion of mine!).

Your Guide to the Best Resources for Learning at Home

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Mar 18, 2020 /
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Learning at home? The internet is a big place!! Here’s our ever-evolving guide to the best free online educational resources. (Just started homeschooling? Read our New to Learning at Home? Start Here.) Let’s go!

Your Guide to the Best Resources for Learning at Home

Read This: Longing for Istanbul: The Words I Haven't Said Yet

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She's done it again. With her latest book, featuring 11 beautiful, powerfully written essays, author Lisa Morrow shares the joys and challenges of living in Istanbul, Turkey. The essays span the gamut of emotions and experiences of living abroad, from small daily details to larger, overarching themes, and from vocabulary to cultural differences to the magic of finding home.

7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

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Do you dream of traveling the world, but constantly lack money? Then this article is for you...we’ve got 7 ways to travel inexpensively. This is not a story about how to choose the cheapest traveling destination, but rather, tips so that your money can stretch, and you can travel more. You will be amazed at how many great places there are to travel on a budget

Let's go!

Read This: Joy, Culture, and Celebration in Maria Pasquale's How to Be Italian

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Let me tell you about my new favorite book, How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel, and Love la dolce vita. It is beautifully written by Maria Pasquale, the author of I Heart Rome. Born to Italian parents, Maria always knew Rome was her destiny, although she was raised in Melbourne. With a formal background in political science and history, she is now an award-winning food and travel writer and journalist and contributes regularly to USA Today, CNN, Condé Nast, and The Telegraph.

Get Outside in Cancun: 3 Best Nature Activities

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Cancun is Mexico’s largest tourist destination. And yet, so much of the Cancun area is overlooked by most travelers in favor of those gorgeous Caribbean beaches. If you’re headed to the state of Quintana Roo, consider nature tourism (including beaches!). It's ecotourism Cancun at its finest. 

Music for Autumn's Landscapes

by Kerry Dexter / Nov 15, 2021 /
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Shadows slant differently in autumn light. Nights draw in sooner; there may be an edge to the wind. That wind often plays music on the rustling leaves as they turn to autumn's colors of red and gold.

It is a time of gathering as well as solitude, of reflection as well as celebration. All these take place in the frame of the natural world. Those changes and connections are subjects artists often turn to for reflection themselves.

May this music aid in your reflections and actions on the changes of this autumn season.

All You Need To Know About COP26

by Sarah Carter / Nov 11, 2021 /
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Between October 31st and November 12th 2021, a pivotal event is taking place that will determine how the world will continue to tackle climate change. The United Kingdom is hosting the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26. This marks a crucial point in climate change history that will determine ‘whether generations look back at this time with admiration or despair.’ 

Three Transformative Mexican Artists Making a Powerful Mark on the World

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Transformation, whether personal or societal, is an experience that touches nearly every human soul. It is certainly a theme that has touched me deeply: several years ago, a surgeon’s error transformed my life by leaving me with a lifetime of medical issues. The transformation was both physical, creating a host of challenges I must deal with on a daily basis, and spiritual, leading me to find space in my heart to forgive the surgeon in order to heal and move on.

Afghanistan Spotlight: The Importance of International Cooperation for Afghan Women and Girls

by Olivia Fraser / Nov 09, 2021 /
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“Peace is not just silencing the guns.”

 ~ Fawzia Koofi, former Republic Peak Negotiator and first woman Deputy Speaker of Parliament in Afghanistan
Map of Afghanistan. From Afghanistan Spotlight: The Importance of International Cooperation for Afghan Women and Girls