Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines is your community – a global
community of informed, engaged educators who share their travel experiences, explore
their fellow wandering educators’ travel experiences, and dialogue about
international education and travel.  International
Education is the foundation of global peace and citizenship. We are all caring
teachers – of our selves and others.  In
this spirit, the following pledge provides the foundation for how members can create and magnify this spirit of international
learning and citizenship.

As a member of, I will:

  1. Respect other members
    and treat them fairly.
    I will not slander, libel or defame other
    members. I will be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism.
  2. Always represent
    myself honestly.
    Pen names are allowed, however, I will not
    impersonate others.
  3. Recognize that a
    difference of opinion drives debate and encourages tolerance of diversity.

    I may disagree but I will not personalize our differences.
  4. Strengthen and
    contribute to the overall good of the community by my participation on

    I will keep my comments within the context of the content and I will not
    engage in comment spamming.  I will
    be constructive at all times, and if needed, will refer negative conduct
    to [email protected].
  5. Work to enhance the
    internationalization of education through education and information.

     We are all global citizens,
    learning from each other.
  6. Only report content
    that violate the Terms of Service.
    I will not report content to
    complain about another member, or based on someone or something I do not
    agree with. I will not republish content that has been reported and is
    under editorial review.
  7. Review and follow's complete policies and Terms of Service. 
     When in doubt, I will review the Terms of
    Service, and may contact [email protected] for clarification
    of said policies.


Publishing Guidelines

It's the content and the members who make the
engaging, global community it is. You can publish almost anything travel or international
education-related, as long as the content is legally yours and is within the
Terms of Service. Along with the common-sense community guidelines noted above,
there are standard publishing guidelines to follow.

  1. Recognize that tags
    provide content organization for the community
    and only assign
    those tags that accurately portray your content.
  2. Pornography
    or other sexually explicit images or articles are not allowed
  3. Information
    describing dangerous or illegal acts is not allowed
    to be posted
    on For instance, content containing animal abuse,
    drug abuse, human rights abuse, or bomb making are not permitted.
    holds free speech in high regards
    and defends personal expression
    of unpopular points of view. However, hate speech is not permitted.
    The use of slurs or malicious stereotypes intended to denigrate a
    particular gender, sexual orientation, ability, race, religion, or
    nationality is not allowed. Encouraging violence against these groups is
    never permitted.
  5. Respect all Copyright
    and Fair Use laws
    when posting any content on
    This means you can only upload content that you created or that you have
    obtained the written rights to use, if the content is copyrighted. Do not
    use content in your articles, images, or comments that someone else owns
    the copyright to without obtaining written permission and stating their
    permission. Providing credit to the source is not enough.  Please follow these guidelines strictly -
    this is the law.