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D-Day Landings: A Travel Guide to Normandy’s Beaches and Battlegrounds: Sainte-Mère-Église

Published to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the military mission that changed World War II, D-Day Landings: A Travel Guide to Normandy’s Beaches and Battlegrounds is Bradt’s new guidebook to visiting beaches, memorials, museums, battlefields, and other sites associated with D-Day and the Battle of Normandy (Operation Overlord). A simple-to-follow, portable guide for independent travellers, it will help visitors to explore World War II history.

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First, Read This: Lonely Planet's Family Travel Handbook

Whether you're new to family travel or an old hand, there is much to learn—each kid (and family) is different! Where to go for the best advice? We wholeheartedly recommend the latest guide from Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet's Family Travel Handbook. It is packed FULL of goodness, and is written by Imogen Hall, who, as a family traveler AND a writer, knows her stuff.

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Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook: Expert Tips for Multigenerational Trips

Want to learn how to plan a successful multigenerational trip? Thanks to Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook, you can.

Take a look:

Lonely Planet’s Family Travel Handbook: Expert Tips for Multigenerational Trips

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Austria for Wine Lovers

The land-locked country of Austria in Central Europe has borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. The country is known for its fine classical music, welcoming mountains, spectacular Lipizzaner horses, and filling cream cakes.

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Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

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Lonely Planet: Istanbul

I love Lonely Planet: Istanbul. When I was in Istanbul, Turkey this May, with Turkish Airlines and our White House Travel Bloggers group, it provided great inspiration, airplane reading, and help navigating the big city.

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The Big Trip: Your Ultimate Guide to Gap Years and Overseas Adventures

Truth: international experiences change your life. That's why we do it - why we travel, learn new languages, try different foods, fall in love with colors and textiles, walk beaches and ancient paths, explore, make new friends, and keep traveling. International experiences can come in a plethora of forms - study abroad, gap year, weekend travel, year-long RTW trips, cooking classes, couchsurfing, sporting events - the list is endless, which is exciting!

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Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents London Everything You Wanted to Know

London is not only red buses, Harry Potter, and Shakespeare. Did you know that Monopoly was originally called "the Landlord's Game" and was based in London?

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Book Review: Globejotting - a Travel Journaling How to

One of the most difficult things to do while traveling is to capture the essence of your travels. For some of us, we take photos and try to remember that way. For others, travel journaling is the way to remember. Yet others just live, and remember.  None of these ways is wrong - but there is always a better way to do anything, isn't there?