Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

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Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

Mountain biking is a sport that requires dedication, willpower, and a deep knowledge of bike riding (obviously). Mountains are nothing to mess around with, and in order to bike down one safely, you’ve got to have a sense of self-preservation. This means not only worrying about the components of your bike, from frame to spokes, but more specifically, buying the right mountain bike tires. I’m going to talk about three components that are the most important, as well as how you can ensure that you aren’t wasting copious amounts of money while putting a bike together. 

And, fun fact: the bicycle is celebrating its 200th birthday this year! 


Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

The tires are what will keep you on the road, of course – cheaper ones will sport rubber that isn’t very durable. Durability will be a big deal, especially in regards to your mountain bike tire selection; without the right amount of durability, you’ll be putting your body at risk every time you go for a ride. Having the bike slip out from underneath you is a quick way to get hurt, and in some cases, the injury could be quite severe. Don’t cut corners when you’re looking at potential tire purchases, because that’s the most efficient way to mess up your mountain bike project.

Take your time and lay down a budget, but also read up on the different types of tread and rubber available to you. There is an abundance of options to pick from. Bad tires means a bad ride altogether, so keep that in mind.

Mountain Bike Building for Beginners

The frame of your mountain bike is the steel component, which some would consider the main piece to any mountain bike. Without a frame, you wouldn’t have anywhere to place the tires - or anything else for that matter. This is also probably the most expensive component of a mountain bike. Frames can be comprised of many different materials. Ascertain your needs and the frame that will best suit your body and your mountain biking activities. 


You need plenty of support and “bounce back” when you are mountain biking, which is where the need for suspension comes into play. Suspension allows you to brace the impact of any hard landings you may have, as well as just roll over rocks and other bumpy areas with ease. Mountain biking tends to call for a lot of off-road biking, and suspension is an absolute must. Without suspension, the ride down would not only be painful, but uncomfortable, to boot. 

Mountain biking is a tough thing to get into, because most of us don’t know where to begin. I haven’t even dipped my toes into the helmet (a critical purchase) or spoke department, as well as grips; there will always be improvements for you to make, in terms of building the best bike possible.

Some say it’s a dangerous sport that has no sense in being around, and others absolute love the thrill of bombing down a hill…how do you feel?

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