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How Do You Travel in Luxury?

Solo travel has seen a considerable rise in popularity since the pandemic, with many people wanting to meet like-minded versions of themselves through a holiday experience abroad. Many women who travel alone build deep and meaningful friendships with others on the road, sharing many of the same values. 

Cicero Learning: An Improved Ancient Educational Model For Today's Kids

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Feb 22, 2024 / 0 comments

The field of education is in turmoil these days, for a variety of reasons. Countless families are searching for additional ways to provide the best education possible for their kids.

But where to start?

How do you know what to look for, whom to trust, and educational outcomes that prioritize your kid and their educational journey?

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Travel Planning Tips & Advice

Traveling can be a positive experience when you plan and prepare right in advance. You don’t want to just wing it and hope for the best.

Instead, you want to make sure you have a good idea of what you will do and see on your next vacation. Be glad to know that there are actions you can take that will help you enjoy traveling more.

Here are our four best travel planning tips and advice so you can have a great time on your next trip.

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Getting Kids to Try New Foods at Restaurants

Lemongrass chicken. That’s what my oldest ordered the last week at Peppermint, a Thai restaurant we went to as a family. When her dish came everyone, my husband included, couldn’t wait to try her dish–it was stunning. Thin slices of charbroiled chicken topped with veggies, a light brown sauce that was wafting citrusy scents in all directions, and on top a batch of fried, crispy spinach. I didn’t even know you could fry spinach!

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How to Master the Art of First Class Travel When You’re Inexperienced

Whether you’re traveling for work, a honeymoon, or just feeling like splurging a bit, getting the chance to go on first class is incredible. You deserve to have that opulent adventure, right? Once you travel first class, it’s hard to ever go back to economy! You should see it this way: embarking on a journey in first class is not just a mode of's an immersive experience that promises unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

Travel your home: How to experience your city in a new light

by Lillie Forteau /
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Jan 22, 2024 / 0 comments

A man at the front desk of a hotel we were checking in at was making light conversation. I don't remember what my mother asked, but I remember he responded with, “traveling to the place you live will change your view of your home.”

He then told his story of how he gets to know his new hometown, to get a hotel and look up the sights to see. 

Travel your home: How to experience your city in a new light

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Northwest Battle Buddies and the Transformative Power of Service Dogs in Veteran Travel

Traveling has always been a powerful means of self-discovery and healing, and for Veterans, the journey to find solace and connection can be particularly transformative. Northwest Battle Buddies, which I founded, is at the forefront of providing Veterans with a unique companion on their journeys – professionally trained service dogs.

These dogs empower Veterans to travel with confidence, resulting in a profound impact on their lives.

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From Van To Kid-Friendly Camper In A Few Simple Steps

With accommodation costs constantly rising, and with more and more travellers desiring the freedoms that they see their fellow adventurers enjoying, it’s hardly surprising that converted vans are gaining real traction. 

From Van To Kid-Friendly Camper In A Few Simple Steps

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Beyond the Classroom: Exploring The Potential of Guided Tours for Educators

As more opportunities for passionate individuals to teach and interact with students in exotic locations open up around the world, the possibilities of combining a love for travel with a drive for sharing knowledge with new generations are seemingly endless. It's becoming common for young educators to leave their home towns and even the countries they were born in to pursue what is now often considered to be a dream vocation: teaching abroad.

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Exploring the World Through the Lens: Choosing the Right Type of Photography for You

Photography is not just a form of art; it's a way of seeing the world. It's an expression, a documentation, a story-telling medium that is as diverse as the individuals who wield the camera. From the spontaneous snaps of street photography to the meticulous compositions of landscape shots, each type of photography offers a unique perspective and requires different skills.