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Patricia Leavy’s Second Must-Read Book of The Year

One of our favorite authors, Patricia Leavy, delighted us earlier this year with Hollyland, her sweet and romantic celebration of love, living with passion, and who the real movie stars on the big screen of our lives. Now she’s back at it with a love story I couldn’t put down: The Location Shoot.

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Read This: Beauty, Poetry, and Lived Experience in Agora

I've got a beautiful, important read to share with you today. Agora, by Gretchen Gales, with imagery by Christine Stoddard, is a phenomenological chapbook of poetry that meanders city streets while sharing the lived experience of agoraphobia. 

Read This: Beauty, Poetry, and Lived Experience in Agora

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How Social Scientists Can Use Fiction—“Social Fiction”—in Their Research: An Interview with Dr. Patricia Leavy

Over 15 years ago, Dr. Patricia Leavy first published Method Meets Art, the groundbreaking text that propelled arts-based research into legitimacy around the world. She followed up in 2010 by coining the term “social fiction” to denote fiction that is grounded in scholarly research.

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A Moment of Zen in Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet

It’s hard to be objective about your own writing. Sometimes you hate a chapter simply because it was a struggle to write. Or you fall in love with it because it reminds you of something personal. Or because you’re proud of a joke. Or a single word. 

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The One Book You Must Read This Year: A Deep Look into a Disappearing Culture

Once in a great while, you come across a book so compelling, interesting, and important that you want to share it with everyone. Such is the case with the latest book from author Amy Chavez, entitled The Widow, The Priest and The Octopus Hunter: Discovering a Lost Way of Life on a Secluded Japanese Island, published by one of our favorite publishers, Tuttle

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Celestial Bodies Is So Much More Than a Love Story—It’s a Story of Light

Celestial Bodies is one of the most important literary works you’ll ever read and the must-read book of the year. It is gorgeous, nuanced, and full of healing. 

It’s a story of courage, chosen family, and how love—in all aspects—can help us heal and grow. It is a testament to the humanity in our lives, the joys of love, friendship, and laughter, as well as the challenges of trauma and life-changing events. 

Leavy writes light in every corner.

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Our 10 best tips for writing the perfect study abroad essay

We’re so excited for you to study abroad! Whether you’re going for a semester or year through your institution or with an external program, or direct enrolling at a university overseas, chances are that you will need to write an essay to get in. This essay could be for admission or for scholarship opportunities. 

Read This: Examining a Creative Life Well-Lived in Books By Hand

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Feb 24, 2022 / 0 comments
Have you ever known an artist that is so completely immersed in the creative life that they just glow with it…for a lifetime? Such is the case with an extraordinary artist, Gerard Brender à Brandis, whom we interviewed at his studio in Stratford, Ontario several years ago, and kept visiting whenever we were in town. (His studio is closed now, and only open by appointment.) 
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Read This: Captivating History Comes Alive with The School of Mirrors

This is one of those magnificent books. You know...a book that you cannot put down, that time travels you back to a specific place and, while you’re reading it, you’re so engrossed that you look up and are surprised to be in the now? 

Read This: Captivating History Comes Alive with The School of Mirrors

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Valiente: Courage and Consequences

In Valiente: Courage and Consequences, Chente Jimenez is a popular high school athlete who bravely navigates his road to self-acceptance and boldly confronts homophobia in the locker room. His road to self-discovery is filled with the impulsive innocence of young love and the cruelty of social media gossip.