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Celebrating Resilience and Our Wild, Outrageous Capacity for Love: Jeannine Ouellette's The Part That Burns

Oh, this book. I just finished The Part That Burns, an extraordinary, powerful, must-read memoir by Jeannine Ouellette. The Part That Burns epitomizes what Parul Sehgal, in a recent New Yorker article on trauma, wrote: "trauma becomes but one rung of a ladder. Climb it; what else will you see?" In The Part That Burns, Ouellette does, indeed, climb a ladder from trauma to healing.

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Write This: Author Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström on Intercultural Life, Social Issues, and Including the World

We have long loved the creative artistry of Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström. She's a magnificent writer and photographer (check out our early interview with her here), a compelling speaker (listen to her TED talk!), and has a new book out that I absolutely DEVOURED. 

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Supernova: The Book We All Need Right Now

Patricia Leavy has done it again, with a stunning fourth novel in her Tess Lee series, following the books Shooting StarsTwinkle, and Constellations. Supernova is a gorgeous, nuanced book, full of heart and healing and the joys and challenges of living a full, honest, loving life. Again, Leavy brings us a whole range of characters that we're so happy to catch up with. 

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A Must-Read Children's Book: Onyx Says: What If I Try?

I recently discovered an incredible and important new book series by writer Lisa Sterne, called Onyx Says. The series is designed to help children develop coping skills while creating themselves. The first book, What If I Try, gave me goosebumps when I first read it, and I teared up to think of the powerful way that Onyx helps kids help themselves. It's an excellent and fun read, both inspiring and full of joy. Highly recommended! 

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Read This: The Book That Will Inspire, Challenge, and Bring Joy

You need this book in your life; I could NOT put it down. Tell Her She Can't...Inspiring Stories of Unstoppable Women, by Women's Travel Fest and Damesly founder Kelly Lewis, is an incredibly meaningful read. 

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Constellations: Patricia Leavy's Second Must-Read Book This Year

This is a popular refrain about author Patricia Leavy: She's done it again!

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Minnesota Children’s Book Festival Brings Children's Literature to Life

Eight of the State’s Most Acclaimed Authors & Illustrators Participate in Anderson Center’s Hybrid Minnesota Children’s Book Festival. Online presentations Sept. 9-12 and distanced activities on-site Sept. 19

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Read This: Why Shooting Stars is One of the Most Important Books You’ll Ever Read

One of our favorite writers, Patricia Leavy, is back with a novel that is one of the most important books you’ll ever read. Shooting Stars is one of those books that, once you start, you cannot put down (yes, 4am bedtime, but happy!). 

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Write This: Author Patricia Leavy on Setting, Inspiration, and Teaching in her New Novel, Film

One of my favorite authors, Patricia Leavy, has done it again. With her new novel, Film, she covers a lot of ground: following your dreams, the magic of serendipity, the importance of friends, and the importance of pop culture in life, as well as in teaching (!!).
I loved this book for so many reasons; let me just say: READ IT.
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Write This: Author Mindee Arnett on Writing, Road Maps, and Character Development

Picture this: Grand Rapids Comic Con, where we are always impressed by the cosplays, intrigued by the artists, and absolutely stunned by the authors. So there’s a high bar there, and we’ve interviewed several authors we’ve seen talk, in our Write This series.

When we listened to author Mindee Arnett speak about writing, we were dazzled.