How To Create An Article


How to publish an article on WE - works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Please do NOT use chrome - there are coding issues.


We have a strict policy for outbound links to discourage spammers. Questions? email ed @ and ask.  


1) Write your article in notepad, or else type it directly into the article editor. I like to type it into notepad so that if anything happens, I don't lose it. If you use Word to type your article into, and then paste it into the article editor on the site, you will probably have formatting problems that WE will have to fix (and it might whack out the site). THIS IS IMPORTANT! THANKS!


2) If you are putting photos into the article, upload them to a photo-sharing website (i.e., picasa, shutterfly,etc.). Keep that window open.


3) Go to, and click on create, blog entry.

4) The article editor will come up. Put in the title.It should be less than 7 words (not counting the, an, and). Try to optimize the title for SEO purposes - to attract traffic. Top Ten? Readers love those. Something controversial (Reasons I Loathe Airports) will also be found easily in the search engines and by readers.


5) Choose the categories that you'd like to publish this to. It will be classified in the URL by the first category that you choose, but it will show up in all the categories that you check.


6) Copy/paste your text from notepad into the body of the article space. You can make this article editor bigger by putting your mouse over the bottom left corner, and dragging it down. When it is as big as you'd like it, quick click your mouse into the body of the article to stop it. Please do not put a photo into the article before having some text first.


7) To add photos to your article, then click on the little photo button in the article editor - it is the little picture of a tree under the BOLD option. You'll get a popup window. You'll go to your photosharing site (picasa, flickr - both are free) and look at each photo. In Picasa (you can use picasa on your home computer to edit your photos, and then upload them for free), there is an option in the bottom right called "link to this photo' - choose that and you'll get a drop down that will let you copy the link. Copy the link that says html to embed in website. paste that into a document, and then copy the http://part that ends in a .jpg. The rest is all unnecessary. Alternatively, in picasa, it may not have that link to this photo option. If not, then just right click and copy image location. 


Then, go back to the popup window from, and paste in the photo url into the IMAGE URL space. You can add an image description, if you'd like. Then click on the next tab within the popup window, called APPEARANCE. You'll have an option to choose image align - leave it as 'not set'. Then choose size- 400 is a largest  number to choose for the bigger number they have, and the smaller number will be adjusted proportionately when you click on it. 400 is the largest size that the column where the articles go can fit.  Then click insert. It will insert the photo into the article. You'll probably have to space your text around it after you insert the photo.


8) We have a strict policy for outbound links to discourage spammers. Questions? email ed @ and ask. 


9) If you have keywords that you would like to be found for (Meijer Gardens, Great Wolf Lodge, Seafood Chowder, ESL), be sure to bold them.


10) Hit the Submit button. Check to see if the spacing is correct. If it is, you're done. VOILA! Article created!  If you have spacing issues, or want to fix anything, just hit the edit button and go in and edit it, then hit submit.


Any questions? Email support [at]