How To Post A Photo


Here at, we're interested in seeing your travel photos! 

Here's how to create a photo album, and upload images to your photo album.

1) On the front page, under Gallery links, click Add Album.

2) You'll get a page called Submit Album.

3) Add the title of your album, i.e., Jessie's Photos.

4) Leave the parent album alone (acidfree albums).

5) Decide if you want others to post to your album.  This is probably not a good idea unless you are uploading photos as a group (i.e., Summer Abroad 2008, London).

6) If you want to put a description onto the album, put it in the BODY section.

7) Hit SUBMIT.

8) Then, once your album is created, go back to the home page.

9) Under Gallery Links, click on Add an Image.

10) Type in the title of the image in the TITLE section

11) Choose the Acidfree album that you want to publish to (your own), in the drop down menu.

12) Browse your computer to find the image location, and select it. You should have already saved it as a small image, no more than 100k or so.

13) add the picture details to the BODY section

14) Hit SUBMIT. It will show up in your photo album, as well as in the random image section of the homepage.


If you have any problems, please email us at support[at]