What you Need to Know about Students accommodation in UK

by Ed Forteau /
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Mar 21, 2013 / 0 comments

Following a tremendous increase in the number of colleges, universities and other learning institutions, the demand for student accommodation in UK has also gone up. Additionally, the demand for students' accommodation has also been fuelled by the large number of immigrants who come to the UK to further their studies.


As a result of the high number of students living in the major cities across UK, finding accommodation for students has not been a walk in the park. There has been a major shortage of accommodations for students. This has generated calls from the education stakeholders to the government to act real fast and address this critical and looming disaster.


The UK government has partnered with private developers to provide housing for students. They have embarked on major projects deemed at providing decent and affordable accommodation for student. Just like any other government in the world, students housing has become their number one priority. This is good news to students who go to pursue their studies. If you are a student who wants to take full advantage of this housing for students in the UK, there are few things you have to know.


First, you have to know that you can choose a suitable option to suit your budget and your ability to actually adjust to a new environment. However, you have to note there are two categories that is on-campus and outside campus. For those who want to stay outside the campus, there are numerous options such as guesthouses, private hostels and even rooms.


For on-campus accommodations, there are hostels and halls of residence. Quite a number of students, in many cases, may opt to stay within the campus. This is actually good because all facilities and amenities are provided within the campus. However, the rooms are highly competitive. Secondly, for those staying off-campus, it is paramount you take your time and do extensive research on areas where students live. Try and find out if the area is suitable. Try to look out for student apartments which provide best rooms. You can also get valuable information by asking at the college or the university you intend to join. Most cities have areas known for students' accommodation in UK ranging from really bad to good ones.


When booking for a place to stay, try and do it in advance. This is crucial since last minute rush of trying to secure a proper housing is not good. You may end up getting unpleasant student places since the good ones have already been booked. Additionally, being your first time being away from home, it may take some time for you to adjust to student life. Be patient and, in no time, you will find your stay quite enjoyable. Lastly, some of the major cities across UK have also some of the best hotel-like accommodation. While these rooms are extremely comfortable, they is more expensive, but other bills are included in the rent. One thing any student must keep in mind is that a good place for accomodation will certainly come with a price.