Leh - Ladakh is Absolutely Safe

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Aug 29, 2010 / 0 comments

I just returned from Ladakh after a 25 days amazing Jeep Safari and Trekking trip to the different areas in the valley. The day 5th December was cursed by the stars there as the tragic of Cloud Burt took places and hundreds of people lost their lives. A large amount of public and private property also suffered massive damages. It all happened during the midnight when the whole town was asleep. The same morning, I along with my group of German tourists had moved to Nubra valley, and in the night that awful tragedy took place.

Leh Town
After two days when we returned we had expected the whole town had got washed off as the media had spread the news that way. But it was not the picture that media had created. The wrongly spread news compelled all tourists not to come to Leh and as the whole economy is based on the tourists, so everyone in Leh was frightened. All that had happened in the middle of the season and if no tourists come then their cash inflow was going to be stopped this year.

Leh was cut off from the rest of the world as telephone office had got washed away, electricity was cut off, all the road going out of Leh were broken for kilometers and even the runway of the airport also suffered some damage. Thanks to the Indian Army who brought runway back to work and after two days we had the flights coming in. Road to Srinagar is open and is operational and Road to Manali is also open through slightly longer route.

Limosa guest HouseLife is getting back to normal and Leh is once again open for the tourists. You all are welcome and contribute to provide help to those who and also pray to God to give courage to those who lost their properties and nears and dears.