Shimla Walks

by SumitVashisht / Sep 30, 2009 /
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Shimla Ridge

Shimla is rich in British Heritage, culture and natural beauty. This lovely town isfamous not only for its english style architecture but also for its treks and trails. The town and its surroundings are a paradise for a day walkwer. In the morning just pick up your backpack and choose your direction to walks, and you can easily find a trail or a link road to walk and explore more and more. 

Shimla Architecture

Walk through a Heritage Zone : Walk through the town's Architectural Heritage Zone that brings you close to various architectural sits of British era. A number of old buildings keep your eyes wide open and force you to ask your guide many questions again and again. about their history, architetc, people who lived in and loved them and their present use. Most of the buildings are still in use and hold the same attraction as they had during the time gone. Minor altrations in the name of maintainance have made carious chance in them but they stil have the same attractions for the viwers and the visitors.