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You might know this thrill:  You step off the train or take a taxi into the center of an unfamiliar city. Shouldering your suitcase, you decide to skip the
central hotel booking office and strike out on your own.  Tucked down a secluded side street is a smaller, independent hotel, perhaps run by a family.  The rooms are lovely, the service is exemplary, and the location priceless.  In fact, the hotel is so great that no matter what brought you to the city in the first place, the trip is a complete success.  And the next time somebody says they are headed in that direction, you exclaim that you know the perfect hotel.

Now, imagine that you actually know of just the perfect hotel – just one – in every major city in the U.S..  And, not only do you know of the perfect hotel,
but because you know the owners, you can get your friend a really great price.  That is the situation of Adam Siegel, the president of Academic Ambassadors.

Academic Ambassadors - discount hotel recommendations - 70 Park Avenue, New York

70 Park Avenue, New York

Academic Ambassadors is an online friend where you can look up where you are going, see the Academic Ambassadors pick for that city, register, and receive a special booking code which guarantees a great rate.  Many times these rates are 10% under the regular corporate rate.  And because there is usually only one pick per city, the traveler is not overwhelmed with a flood of choices to wade through.  Each of the hotel choices have been personally vetted by Siegel or his colleagues and quite often offer that perfect mix of location, charm, and value.

Academic Ambassadors - discount hotel recommendations - Palomar Hotel, LA

Palomar, Los Angeles


When I sat down with Siegel to talk about Academic Ambassadors, his enthusiasm for the project was quite clear.  As someone who has travelled a good deal on behalf of colleges and universities, Siegel was well aware of the need for something beyond the Marriot Courtyard but at a reasonable price.  And while his target market is academic and not-for-profit professionals, he understands the art of business travel.  For example, he knows that often the personal touch is the winning factor.  When people register for the site, he sends a personalized welcome email and will often suggest an activity or must-see exhibit for travelers.


Adam Siegel - Academic Ambassadors - discount hotel recommendations

Adam Siegel

In a world of researching and booking travel online, Academic Ambassadors has managed to become that friend you go to for the perfect hotel in Atlanta (The Ellis on Peachtree) or Beverly Hills (The Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive) or Toronto (Drake Hotel).  I may have to put together a road trip just to check out these hotels.


Academic Ambassadors - discount hotel recommendations - Pacific Palisades, Vancouver

Pacific Palisades, Vancouver


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