Discount Travel Accommodations: Another Way to Stay

by Asako Maruoka /
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May 04, 2012 / 0 comments

One way to stretch your travel dollars is to find discount accommodations. Accommodations can take up a large percentage of your travel budget, and finding less expensive options will allow you to travel for longer!


We've had great success renting while traveling. There are many rental agencies worldwide. But did you ever think of renting a timeshare?  It's a great way to find inexpensive accommodations, all over the world! If you're looking to travel to major tourist attractions (such as Disney), this is an excellent option for accommodations.  This is especially true if you there is a specific destination you visit on an annual basis.


Buying a Timeshare is an organization that focuses on all aspects of timeshares. If you already own a timeshare, you might be looking to  sell timeshare you no longer use.  Many people will lend their timeshare out to friends and family if they are not planning on using it that year.  They may also try to rent it, or sell it, on their own.  This involves a lot of heavy lifting that is unneccessary.  Hand it over to a professional, and let them take care of all the details.  If you don't own a timeshare, you might be interested in renting a timeshare property, or buying a timeshare.


Timeshares work like this: a property is available to many buyers for purchase. You buy a week (usually annually) at the property. You will pay annual fees but are guaranteed a week at your property.  Occasionally, owners won't be able to travel that year, and they will put their property up for rental. This is where you can snag a great deal!  Or, when you buy a timeshare, you have a known annual vacation coming at you - at a place that soon feels like a second home.


Each timeshare is fully furnished, with well-equipped kitchens. You can make family meals at home and spend your money on attractions (Disney! Scuba diving! Jetskiing!) instead of restaurants.


Buying a Timeshare offers great opportunities for the timeshare market. You can work with them to buy a timeshare property, sell or rent the timeshare property you already own, or rent a timeshare property. The personal reviews are social proof that this system works. You can find a resort, time slot, and size of property that fits your needs - and travel budget.  Take a few minutes to just glance through some of the timeshare properties in areas you've vacationed.  I think you will find some amazing deals.