A Farm Feast for an Summer Celebration in Italy

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CapreseFerragosto (August 15th) is the celebration of the culmination of summer in Italy! Friends & family gather to eat drink & be merry...and a splash in the pool!

This festival originates from the Roman emperor Augustus, he enjoyed late summer so much so that he claimed it as his own month - thus we now call it by his name. He ordered month-long festivities, called feriae augustus, which included games, races, and rituals to honor the goddess Diana, who was worshiped as queen of the fields as well as of heaven and earth. (For more history on this day click here!)
(Prepping for the party - we picked tons of fresh veggies)

Well this year Jason out did himself yet again with a five course feast -with all the produce straight from our farm garden! PLUS - Franco the local Polentone (polenta maker) was on hand making fresh polenta over an open fire in the front yard!

We almost 100 guests for the day - with service for both lunch & dinner - there was a TON of food, not to mention the biggest pot of tomato sauce I have ever seen AND 2 meat courses - let's just say no one went hungry here!

La Tavola Marche Menu for Ferragosto

Porsciutto & melon
Homemade salami & dried sausages
Farro, chick pea & arugala salad with shaved parmesan
Cherry tomato, cucumber, onion & green pepper salad with homemade red wine vinegar
Grilled marinated eggplant
Tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella with basil
polentone piobbico
Polenta & ragu with parmesan & pecorino cheese

Secondo Piatti
Venison with capers & olives
Bone-in roasted loin of pork in wood burning oven

Garden casserole of potatoes, zucchini & tomatoes

Homemade cherry jam tart
Homemade peach jam tart
Nutella & walnut tort
Marble ring cake

~A delicious summer celebration!

Ashley Bartner is the Living in Italy Editor for Wandering Educators.

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