Indoor Water Park Review: Kalahari Resort

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Apr 06, 2009 / 2 comments

One of our family's very favorite things to do is to go stay - and play - in an indoor water park. We've been to the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center - Outdoor and Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio, many times.

The anticipation is relentless, especially in colder weather - the promise of being warm, of playing and splashing in water.  We also love the indoor/outdoor hot tub, especially when it is snowing. The fat snowflakes fall gently into the mist rising from the hot tub. Your wet hair turns crispy with icicles, and all you have to do is slide under the water to warm up. Our six-year old daughter asks us almost weekly when we are headed back to Kalahari. We've not been to the Kalahari Resort in warmer weather, although we can see a snow-shrouded outdoor water park from inside the warm resort.

The Kalahari Resort is a fun place for the whole family. With an African theme, there are several opportunities for seeing wild animals (brought in from a local animal sanctuary), an events calendar for family events, several themed restaurants, a gift shop, a candy hut, a spa (more on that to come), minigolf, a huge arcade, a (dry) treetop play area (not in the waterpark), a pottery painting activity, and several African and swimsuit-themed stores. Truly, the Kalahari Resort is an experience your whole family will love.

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park

We've stayed in several types of rooms that are offered. Each one has a lovely fireplace and African-themed decorations. The Lodge Rooms are a favorite of ours, since they have a full kitchen. You can head off to Toft's ice cream (West Sandusky) and bring back enough for your whole stay! The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you'd need to cook meals - pans, dishes, coffemaker, toaster, etc. When you're busy playing in the waterpark, a quick run back to the room for a meal is an easy way to take a break.

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park

The Spa Kalahari is an oasis in the midst of so much fun. I've enjoyed a lovely relaxing massage, but there are many services available, including Hot Stone Massage, Hot Stone Pedicure, Moor Mud, Body Wraps, Facials, and more. The quiet and luxurious environment soothes all tensions, leaving one completely relaxed.

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park

The indoor water park itself is enormous. There are three hot tubs - an indoor one, and two indoor/outdoor. The second indoor/outdoor hot tub has a swim-up bar.  There is a lazy river - always a hit with our family. There is a large play area for smaller kids (even babies have their own play area!). Our family's favorite rides, though, are the water slides - from the multi-person whitewater rafting, to single person rides. There are several that look like a "toilet bowl" since you swirl around in them, before heading further down the tubes. The basketball "water court" is a great place to work on your shot. The wave pool is a blast, and there are two flowriders - which offer surfing or bodyboarding! When our daughter was 3, she wanted to go bodyboarding so badly, and the friendly lifeguards helped her "ride" the bodyboard with them. She had so much fun!

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park

The lifeguards are omnipresent, which is a relief to a parent busy minding their kids. There is no part of the waterpark that is unwatched by at least 2 lifeguards in close distance. Kalahari works hard to keep their guests safe, and this shows in the attentive lifeguards posted everywhere.

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park Review

We have attended the Unschooler's Winter Waterpark Gathering at Kalahari for ten years running (since its inception), and even with 1,200 or more unschooling guests, the waterpark is large enough that there is virtually no wait on most rides and plenty of space to park your stuff on the endless lounge chairs. Just seeing the joy on all the kids' (and adults') faces is an incredible energy boost.

Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park Review

Try it for yourself! We heartily recommend the Kalahari Resort for a fun family vacation - as a getaway from everyday life, and focusing on having a great time with your kids. There are often specials and add-ons, making it even more affordable.

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  • Ed Forteau

    15 years 1 week ago

    We love waterparks, and Kalahari is one of our favorites.  This year we are planning to visiting a few other waterparks.  Lots of water fun! 

    Ed Forteau


  • Jesse Miles

    15 years 1 week ago

    They certainly have changed since I was a kid.  Bigger and Better.  One of my favorite parts of Summer.  Knowing you can go to them all year long is very cool.

    Jesse Miles

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