LA House, Fussen: Convenient, Comfortable, Cost-efficient

by William Wellman / Sep 19, 2012 / 0 comments

Fussen, Germany. You’ve probably only heard about it for one reason, if you’ve ever heard of it at all. It happens to be the closest town to Neuschwanstein, the gleaming white castle constructed by the mad king Ludwig, which has been a tourist attraction since 1886. On some days, over six thousand people visit this popular German attraction. Because of Fussen’s proximity, it is a commonly chosen location to stay the night, and as such, there are many hotels. But, when you consider cost against quality, the hotel called the ‘LA House’ stands out. The LA House is located near the center of Fussen.


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Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany



During my stay there, one thing always stood out. The place was clean. It may not be decorated in gold and the bed sheets may not be made of silk, but it was clean. We’ve gone to expensive, high-end hotels and found ants swarming over a pile of stickiness on the floor. LA house is also pretty cheap, at less than twenty Euros a night per person.


LA house isn’t styled like a comfy, luxurious hotel. It seems more like a house. The beds are normal beds, each apartment’s kitchen is stocked with a random selection of pots and pans just like in our own home, and wires dangle from the walls in some places. But it creates a quiet feeling of being home that I haven’t experienced in any other hotel.


While all of the apartments are equipped with a decent bathroom and shower, free Wi-Fi, and television, the family apartments also come with an excellent kitchen. Because there are six in our family, a decent kitchen never goes unappreciated. Also, Neuschwanstein castle is visible from the building, and an excellent breakfast is provided for visitors as well.


And although, in all likelihood, the only reason you’ll want to stay here is the glamorous Neuschwanstein castle, don’t forget it’s not all that Fussen offers. The Forggensee, fifth largest lake in Bavaria, lies close by for fun on the water, but if sitting back and relaxing is more of your sort of thing, the Kristalltherme Schwangau Spa is also close. A marathon running through the town and the surrounding countryside is also held once a year. For whatever reason you’re staying in Fussen, I encourage you to check out the LA house, for a homey, inexpensive place to stay. Until then, get out there and keep traveling!





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