Trinidad's Le Grande Almandier

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Earlier this year, some of our family stayed in Trinidad, at a wonderful Eco-Inn. I was so impressed with the photos and stories they shared that I contacted the owners of the Le Grande Almandier Inn, to find out more for our Wandering Educators.  I was lucky enough to talk with Wendy James, who is now our Trinidad & Tobago Editor! Here's what Wendy had to say...

WE:  Please tell us about your inn, Le Grande Almandier...

WJ: The Le Grande Almandier began as a Host Home in the year 1995; we were a host home with 3 large 2 bedroom tastefully decorated suites that has a blend of both the old-fashioned and the modern décor that sleeps 4-6 persons families mostly.  Because of the large demand for more accommodations in the area, we went ahead and expanded into the small hotel category, we added 7 rooms that accommodated 2-3 persons couples mostly, an open air dining room serving a la carte meals which overlooked the ocean, with a capacity to seat approx 50 persons.

WE: You're an ecotourism destination - and have such great food! Please share more with us...

WJ: The owners, myself and my husband, both from the village of Grande Riviere, started the business and did most of the running of it until we expanded.  All our workers are from in and around the village and surrounding area most of them whom is family; you can say we are a family-run Inn.

We try our best to use most of our own home grown food products and buy most of our supplies locally. Our resident chef Jason (my nephew) does all the cooking and baking, all our breads, cakes and deserts are done by him, using only local products. We are an eco-destination and try our utmost best to preserve nature at all levels.


WE: Where are you located, in Trinidad? What other activities are available?

WJ: We are located in the picturistique village of Grande Riviere on the North
East Coast of Trinidad, 118km from the Piarco International Airport. Our
part of the Island is quite untouched.  We are in the middle of the rain
forest bounded by 2 lovely rivers one of which the village got it's name
from and borded by the ocean all of which can be viewed from your windows
and terrace.

The forest: a trek there will reveal nature at its best! Trails would take
you where many rare birds such as the piping Guan are seen; various
waterfalls can be also seen and done for a day of picnicking, some by boat.
Fishing is also available, Kayaking can be done also, or just relax to your
hearts content.

Our beach gives a ringside view to the Leatherback turtles; which nest from
March 1st-August 31st. Since these turtles are now endangered the beach is
prohibited after 6 in the evening, guests are not allowed without a tour
guide, and everyone is asked not to shine lights or take pictures, as this
interrupts the laying process. Hotel lights are also to be dimmed.

WE: Thanks so much, Wendy! I can't wait to come down and visit you - and look forward to learning more about Trinidad and Tobago from your columns here at

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All photos courtesy and copyright of Le Grande Almandier.