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People call it trekking but actually should be called Village Walks. . During these Village Walks you see the places away from the regular sightseeing of Taj Mahal or Pisa Tower. Here you get chance to interact with those people who are not aware of the world outside of their own territory. They are simple, sober and much hospitable than the professionals. Here the level of hospitality that you enjoy has the real blend of formalities and realities. You are welcomed by open arms, that brings a broad smile to your face and you just forget the luxurious hotels, deluxe vehicles and excellently decorated food served by a well dressed waiter.

Amazing Seraj – A set of  Village Walks in Tirthan  Valley has been started by Sumit Vashisht, a hardcore Tourism Professional, a published author, a nature writer and a nature lover.  Sumit comes from Shimla – A British Himalayan Town, in the North of India and the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

The idea originated  in June 2011 when Rajender Chauhan, his friend from Village Kalvari in Banjar Valley asked him to join hands with him to run his campsite on partnership basis. One day both of them stretched themselves on a rock at the bank of river Tirthan and discussed about the future business, and the idea was conceived.

These Walks bring you close to the Nature and is a perfect exercise to get yourself  rejuvenated by the nature. Here, Nature play with you, touches you and make you her own baby and teaches you how to remain confident and fresh. These Village to Village mountain trails keep you far away from  the clamor  of the modern world,. Here  the vast valleys,  tranquility of the forests and soothing sound of wind blowing  through the pines nourishes your soul. You may chose to slow down for a while and find a place on a rock, close your eyes to listen to the natural sounds .

We love to share the richness of this area’s living culture, tough lifestyle of the hills and their beauty.

Take your own memories back home and make your own stories for your records…… …Of course we would love to hear some from you.

Amazing Seraaj - Village Walks make you go through various villages of this hidden and the greenest valley of Himalayan foothills. You will have ample opportunity to catch the glimpses of rural life in remote mountain regions.

Most of the walks begin from our own Camp Site in Shairopa and all of them include all meals. Everyday you walk for nearly 3  5 hrs, cover a distance of about 10 to 15 kilometers and stay overnight in the next village, home stay or camp. On 6th or 7th day morning you are picked up to drive to Kullu Airport to board flight to Delhi. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.