Artist of the Month: Yuliya Talinovsky

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I first noticed the incredibly beautiful art of my friend Yuliya Talinovsky on my facebook feed, as she was in Newfoundland for a bit with her family, and I LOVE those row houses in St. John's. It's amazing how once something is on your radar, how you keep seeing it. Her paintings kept popping up, and I kept being so very happy to see them. Guess what? Her kids are also extremely talented - I'm so happy that this love of art and painting is growing in this world.

A Canadian artist, Yuliya's bright colors and bold lines bring joy and warmth into our lives. Maybe it's because of the northern winters, or maybe it's because I've never seen Yuliya without a smile, but her art? It's from the heart. Love.

Ottawa. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Row Houses, St. John's, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Row Houses, St. John's, Newfoundland
Purim spiel. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Purim spiel

How long have you been an artist?
When I was five years old, my grandfather brought me to the art atelier and it opened my eyes as well as my heart to the world of art. I learned the discipline that is required to be an artist - I learned to open all my senses to art and therefore to create, to make creativity a lifestyle. To see the world around myself not only with my eyes. To see it with my ears, my heart and my intuition.
So that was the beginning of my art career, really, and now its been...about 44 years.

St. James Cathedral. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
St. James Cathedral
St. John's, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
St. John's, Newfoundland

Is your art your full-time career?
Of course and....yes.  Wherever I go, whatever I see inspires me to create. My family inspires an art piece, the way a car drives down the street creates a feeling which then inspires an art piece, even a dream. I suppose you can say an artist never stops creating - therefore, yes, it is always a full time career. If you mean this question monetarily, the answer is yes, as well.

Adelaide Street West, Toronto. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Adelaide Street West, Toronto (above and below)
Adelaide Street West, Toronto. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Three Houses, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Three Houses, Newfoundland

Where do you work?  How long have you been there?
a) I go to my studio as often as I can. It is so cool. Two small rooms in a hundred year old building looking over Toronto's ever busy, ever creative, Queen street West. Just imagine the beauty I see out of those windows as I work and hundred years of human stories to imagine within these two old rooms!
b) I have been at this studio for six years now (and it's getting full!!).

Flashback. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Queen Street West, Toronto. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Queen Street West, Toronto

Do you have favorite places you like to create?
My favorite place to create as an artist is wherever I may be in the world at the present. I draw influence and inspiration from my surroundings...sometimes memories and the past, as well.

Capparot. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Ukrainian Church. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Ukrainian Church

What does a typical day look like? Is there a typical day?
a) There is no such thing as a typical day!!
b) My typical day starts early and ends late, if I am to achieve my goals each day. I make a point of waking earlier than my family in order to have some personal quiet time. It is when I do "morning pages".  The rest of the day tends to be occupied with adult responsibilities, as well as teaching my children, through art.  I home school. I am often asked about this choice as my children have become artists in their own right. I tend to reply in return a wise ancient saying...'to master something, teach it'. Every evening I go to the studio to create something from a thought that has inspired me or to work on a piece that is not finished...and there are a few of those around.

Richmond Street West, Toronto. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Richmond Street West, Toronto
Bathhurst Street Ukranian Church, Toronto. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Bathhurst Street Ukranian Church, Toronto

What materials do you prefer?
Many materials can be divine depending on the piece, yet, if I were to choose my most preferred materials...watercolor and oils.

Spring tulips. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Spring tulips
High Park Cherry Blossoms. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
High Park Cherry Blossoms

Where/How are you inspired?
When I am walking through vibrant and humming city streets, I get all this perky energy and these super ideas, just looking at the different people walking by, what they're wearing, what their faces seem to be feeling, and even the weather that day. My brain starts to produce stories and images; I feel an urgency to run to my studio to draw and paint. It's the inspirations I later remember that end up an inspiration for a piece.

Parisienne Walkways. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Parisienne Walkways
Carousel. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Street Poetess. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Street Poetess

How do you know when your piece is done?
Oh, this is the tough question. The difference between an artist and a child is that an artist knows where to stop. When I have nothing to add to my painting, I consider it done. If I were to explain the finishing of a piece by using music, a piece is finished when the song 'inside' feels as though it's ended.

Newfoundland Apothecary Museum. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Newfoundland Apothecary Museum
Port of St. John's, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Port of St. John's, Newfoundland

Do you work on one or more pieces at a time?
Sure, I do. Two-three-five works at the time. Sometimes I just need a break from the work, because, like any other work, it can become overwhelming. Also, with oils I have to wait for a layer to dry. Sometimes I just feel like practicing., or to draw some images aside, before putting them on the canvas. Suddenly, I get new idea that is bursting in my head and I need to stop all else and begin this image.

Thistles. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Newfoundland Blue House. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Newfoundland Blue House

If you were not a painter/sculptor/photographer, etc. what would you do?
If I 'could' be something else, I would likely want to be an archaeologist. It's the only other profession that has ever spoken to me. There's something about retrieving all those old creations from artists that once found something inspiring and created what I find in the earth. Yet, I couldn't imagine my life any other way!

The Boat, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
The Boat, Newfoundland
Fireweed, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Fireweed, Newfoundland

How can our readers find and purchase your art?
You can find my work to view or purchase in two spaces:
1) The virtual gallery at Fine Art America
2) Check out my Facebook fun page
3) Private viewing at my Downtown Toronto studio. By appointment only.
4) Also, I'm happy to put fans on a list for shows at galleries.

Synagogue, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Synagogue, Newfoundland
St. John's Beauty, Newfoundland. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
St. John's Beauty, Newfoundland

Would you like to share anything else with us? 
Thank you to all your readers for learning about me and thank you to all of you that buy art. Perhaps you will see a little bit of yourself in my work and perhaps a piece will 'speak to you' and be honored with your love and care. We are all connected in one way or another, and I am honored to be inspired by my world. May it bring joy to yours.

Fall Sun. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Fall Sun
Spring Sun. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
Spring Sun

The Door. Artist Yuliya Talinovsky
The Door



All photos courtesy and copyright Yuliya Talinovsky