Deepak Dance - The Dance of Lamps

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Himachal Pradesh is a Hill State of India in the North that is known for its traditional culture and festivals. Where rest of the world is living in twenty first century, the people of Himachal Pradesh, alongwith the new traditions are still maintaining and retaining the their rituals. The fairs and festivals of this hill state are famous for their tradional events, community co-relations and dances.

Deepak Dance

Deepak dance is one of the prime dnaces of Himachal Pradesh that is performed always at the begining of the event. It can be performed by an individual dancer or in a group as well. The dances hold a round shaped utensil called 'Lota' in upside down position. On it the lamps burning lamps are placed and now the performer has to balance the entire stuff. The Lota is filled with water so that it gains weight, becomes heavy and helps in balancing the stuff.

Now the performers have to turn around many times on the rythems of the singers and the musicians and at the end the chief performers, on or more, have to pickup a handkerchief placed at the ground in a conical shape with its one end pointing towards the sky, with their lips. They are supposed to bend forward and pick up the handkerchief in such a way so that the lamps and the Lota do not fall down.

This dance is also known as Puja Dance. The action of picking up the handkerchief is also considered as "Shashtang' - a bow to the deity.