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Our inaugural Photographer of the Month is our very own Photography Editor, Doyle Chastain. I first met Doyle on, where he is a great mentor. Later, we caught up at All the while, Doyle has been a very patient and kind teacher, as well as an incredible photographer who loves to share. Perfect choice for our first Artisan of the month!


Doyle Chastain



















JV: How did you get interested in photography?

DC: I got my first Koda, Instamatic camera before I was a teenager and immediately was acclaimed by the family as having much better photos. Then, I took a class in Jr. High, which I nearly failed. This made me MUCH more determined. 1974 I began learning developing and darkroom techniques and working my own film. As an avid reader...I began to notice that some photos were intuitively better than others...and why.


Doyle Chastain






















JV: What is your favorite place to photograph? Or subject?

DC: ANY place, anywhere, any time. I LOVE them all..but i ADORE unique subjects. I love different, unique locales...or those I see differently than others. I'm thrilled with animals and wildlife...and pets.


Doyle Chastain


















JV: Any tips you want to share?

DC: I love to share EVERYTHING! I love to help. My wife has been told everything (and more) but I like to talk to people at THEIR levels of expertise. I've been a teacher for many years for many subjects, and given presentations to very large crowds. But one on really make a My wife and I can stand at the same spot at the same time and take two very different photos...because it's about what the eye sees and the way that image is captured that matters most. Any questions, any time...always welcome!


Doyle Chastain


















Thank you, Doyle! Here at, we're very much looking forward to your selections for our Photographers of the Month!



Doyle Chastain

















To purchase Doyle Chastain's artwork, please click here.

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  • Ed Forteau

    13 years 9 months ago

    Doyle - you are certainly a very gifted photographer. The Sunrise photo is truly stunning. And the tiger looks like he going to step off the screen.

    Ed Forteau

  • Doyle Chastain

    13 years 9 months ago

    You have great taste!  ;)   In a lucky stroke of fate, the sunrise shot was taken out the front door of my office and is something I find myself able to enjoy every morning I work.  A fringe benefit available to all early morning risers.


    Doyle I  <~~~~~

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