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Top Destinations in Southeast Asia

by Sarah Nelson / Sep 04, 2012 /

Southeast Asia is a collection of colorful culture, spirit, and language. Before getting used to the different culture, it feels like someone replaced the things you know with another unknown phenomenon. Although the rich culture is a true marvel, the region is overflowing with hundreds of activities, adventures, and experiences - all waiting to be discovered. Southeast Asia is generally comprised of the following countries: Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Southeast China is inc

Take the High Road During Travels

by Heddi Cundle / Sep 01, 2012 /

It’s always easy to take a road trip or book a flight to a destination - but maybe consider now mixing and matching your travels. I’ve done this many times, and it’s brilliant.

Sitting on a plane or in a car can be really boring sometimes. If I got $1 for every time I’ve perched myself on a seat for 12 hours on a long haul flight or flattened my rear cemented into a car seat, I’d be able to buy a lifetime’s supply of chocolate with the proceeds. I kid you not.

Random Pet Travel Tips from a Wandering Mind

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According to the Pet Products Association, one in four families now travel with their dog(s). Cats are also getting some road time. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 15% of traveling pets are cats.

Most of the pet travel blogs I write are very subject-specific; a place, a product, a theme, etc. But not this one. Perhaps it's the heat. Or maybe it's my restless, wandering mind. In any case, below are a variety of tips to help you and your pet enjoy your next travel adventure.

The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Brother's Studio Tour London

by Emily Zumchak / Aug 29, 2012 /

Hurry! The train to Hogwarts is leaving soon! Will you join me on my journey?


7 Unusual Dining Options Around the World

by Emily Zumchak / Aug 29, 2012 /

Sometimes McDonald's just isn’t enough to satisfy your dining needs. Sometimes you crave a unique experience, some unusual food, or just a bit of a change. Tired of running into the same chain restaurants every time you look for something different? Here are a few unusual options to appease your craving for something new.

7 Unusual Dining Options Around the World

Disney World on a Budget

by Kathryn Blanco / Aug 28, 2012 /

Disney World has been bringing joy to thousands of people for over 40 years, but at a price.

Top Ten Tips for Learning a New Language

by Emily Zumchak / Aug 23, 2012 /

When travelling to new countries, knowing the language always makes everything a lot easier - especially if you are staying for a while. If you don’t already know the language, this can be a problem. Learning a new language can be very tough.

How To Survive Traveling With Your Family

by Brianna Krueger / Aug 22, 2012 /
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Family vacations are great... when you're getting along. I'm a realist, so I'm going to put forth the fact that all families are a little (to sometimes extremely) dysfunctional. My family is no different, and sometimes I would love nothing more than to vacation away from my family while we're on route to our vacation destination, because otherwise I might just lose it. 

Summer in Tokyo

by jiawenp / Aug 20, 2012 /

I remember tripping over myself in my dash through the automatic doors that separated Narita airport and the outside world for that first breath of Japanese air – of the late spring/early summer cool that I had romanticized for the last 6 years. Strangely, it was the first time that, when landing in a foreign country, I didn’t feel like I was out of place, but rather, surreal – like an explorer who finally steps off the shaking waves onto the home he had been dreaming of.

Welcome to … Cape Cod!

by Kathryn Blanco / Aug 11, 2012 /

A wonderful, welcoming place, Cape Cod is an exciting and refreshing vacation destination that anyone would enjoy. For one thing, hundreds of outdoor adventures are available, including biking long trails through shady forest, past marshes and cranberry bogs; parasailing, soaring hundreds, or even over a thousand, feet in the air over the sparkling sea;  and speeding through the crashing surf on a jet ski, getting splashed with the sea spray.