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Travel Calm provides stress relief for traveling dogs

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Some dogs simply do not enjoy traveling. Like people, they can be afraid to fly or feel queasy in a car. For these pups – and their humans - a simple trip to the vet can be quite stressful, never mind a flight to a far off destination.

Acadia: The Complete Guide

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Dreaming of summer in Maine, eating lobster, drawing the natural beauty, trying not to get wet at Thunder Hole? Me, too. What's inspired me even MORE this year is an extraordinary guidebook from one of my very favorite authors, James Kaiser - Acadia: The Complete Guide.

Yosemite: The Complete Guide

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I'm so pleased to share the second of our four book reviews/author interviews with extraordinary writer and photographer James Kaiser.

Staigue Fort, Ring of Kerry, Ireland

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Apr 15, 2011 /
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Driving the Ring of Kerry, and want to get off the beaten path? Head to Staigue Fort - it's between Sneem and Caherciveen, off a tiny road inland. You will drive a very narrow lane, but keep following the signs. There's a visitor centre with films (and a cafe), although we never stopped there. Park your car in the lot and pay your voluntary entrance fee. Skip across the creek, and climb a small hill to get to the fort.

A Finland Husky Adventure

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The only sounds were the swish of the sledge runners, the panting of the dogs and the snapping of twigs as we hurtled through thick pine tree forests cushioned on either side by deep pillows of snow.  In front of us were six strong Husky dogs chosen for their speed and stamina, enthusiastically straining to keep up with a caravanserai of sturdy sledges. 

The Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare, Ireland

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One of the very first things we did, upon arriving in Ireland was to head to the Cliffs of Moher. Less than two hours from Shannon Airport, we rested for a bit at one of our favorite B&Bs, Dubhlinn House, for a few hours. Not quite so jet-lagged, we made our way down Doolin's tiny, winding roads to the wharf.

Traveling in Cars with Cats

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Most cats are not very fond of car travel. Part of the reason is that by nature they are territorial and prefer to rule their kingdom, also known as your home. They have a routine; a schedule and they stick to it. Removing them from their comfort zone can be extremely stressful.

Money-Saving Tips for Travel

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We’ve all been there – trying to find ways to save money on travel – so we can travel even MORE! I’ve found an incredible expert on this important topic - Teri Gault. She’s an expert on saving money in many areas, has logged thousands of miles, and has plenty of tips for saving money while traveling, as well. We caught up with her and chatted about saving money, giving back, travel tips, and more.

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First Aid Kit for Pets – Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Whether driving to the next town or flying halfway across the world, there is one item to pack for your pets that is worth its weight in gold; a basic first aid kit.

Travel Resource: Over 50 and Overseas

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Do you have a wealth of experience, and are looking for ways to help others, travel, and experience the world? I've found an educator, John Dwyer, that took his passion for helping others overseas, and focused it toward helping folks over 50 to help others!