5 Reasons Not to be Bummed About a Low LSAT Score

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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) has become an essential exam to get admission into law schools. Scores range from 120-180 and to get a chance to enroll in most of the top law schools, one should at least score a 160. Students who score in the range of 120-150 may panic when they see their low score, but there is no need to worry as these scores can get better with proper planning and LSAT tutoring. Remember that this test can be retaken as it occurs four times a year in February, June, September or October, and December.     

5 Reasons Not to be Bummed About a Low LSAT Score

Re-Examine Your Strategy
If you score low on the LSAT, what you need to do is explore the mistakes you have made. This gives you a chance to re-plan your techniques in studying for the exam. You can find out the mistakes that you have made and which sections you struggled with the most and increase your study hours. You also need to properly manage time to study and relax so that the studying does not cause you to burnout.

Develop A New Plan
Once you have planned your study time, plan a new strategy and work to eliminate your weak points. Understanding one's own weak points along with the strong ones will help you prepare for your next test.

Get LSAT Tutoring
After you have re-planned your study techniques and developed new tactics, you will require someone to guide you through. A professional guide to help you get in-depth knowledge for acing the LSAT exam is essential. With some LSAT tutoring, you will have a higher chance of scoring well on your next LSAT exam.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Once you have worked on your weak points, re-planned your study strategy, and obtained the right study material and guidance through a tutor, the next best thing to do is practice. Take a lot of full-length practice tests to ensure that the method that you have used this time is correct. Through practice tests, you can track your development and if required, work more on the methods you need to improve on.

Work on the Rest of Your Applications
Every failure can be a blessing in disguise. Scoring low on the LSAT will give you time to work on your applications. You can edit and write a crisp statement of purpose for the colleges you are applying to and you can get the other required documents you need, such as your recommendation letters.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged just because you got a low score on the LSAT. You will get the chance to rework on a lot of things and explore new tactics for next time. On the other hand, if you are having any doubts you can take this as an opportunity to re-examine whether law is the field you really want to study before attempting the LSAT again. Failure opens multiple doors for students, and a low score on the LSAT is not bad but is instead an opportunity to score better next time.