Dog Meets World Foto: Parrots and Kids in Panama

by Carolyn Lane / May 05, 2010 / 0 comments

One parrot, one photo each for kids in Panama


Dog Meets World, Panama


Miguel Moreno is the official photographer for the American Ambassador to Panama. He was introduced to Dog Meets World by American artist Joanelle Mulrain, whose art was chosen to be placed in the US Embassy in Panama under the Art in Embassies Program sponsored by the State Department. Joanelle, an enthusiastic supporter of Dog Meets World, brought Foto the mascot dog and a printer with her on her trip to Panama. Miguel immediately saw the value of giving out personal photographs to children in need in his country. Since December he continues to take Foto and the printer with him on his trips. He took this photo in a village about 6 hours from Panama City in a lush mountainous region. He is proud to be a phoDOGraher for the DMW project and tells everyone you too can join the community and touch lives with a small act that has a meaningful impact.




Dog Meets World is a simple and easy way to establish connections with
local communities and to create positive cross-cultural interactions and
give back when you travel. Join the movement, become a phodographer

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