Dog Meets World Foto of the Week: First Photos for Cambodian Kids

by Carolyn Lane / Sep 28, 2011 / 0 comments

Ever want to give back when traveling in the world of need? Love to take photos? Then join Dog Meets World, the photo diplomacy project and help connect cultures through the power of photography. The ambitious mission of Dog Meets World (DMW) is to give all children/families in developing countries personal photograph, often for the first time.


DMW seeks to change the way people see others and rather than simply
taking pictures, to give them as well. You've got a digital camera, just
add a portable printer and the stuffed Foto mascot dog and practice Take & Give Photography! DMW is simple, affordable and fun, essentially ground level diplomacy and voluntourism for everyone.



Foto this week:

Dog Meets World - by Emily Meader in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Emily Meader in Siem Reap, Cambodia



DMW believes that each single shared photograph creates a cultural connection and an indelible affirmation that is left behind as a personal artifact and a tiny seed of peace.

Dog Meets World is a simple and easy way to establish connections with local communities and to create positive cross-cultural interactions and give back when you travel. Join the movement, become a phodographer today!



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