Influencers + Travel Writers: How to Win More Brand Collaborations – Even Now

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If you’re finding it challenging to land new brand collaborations amidst our new normal, then it’s time to rethink your approach. As an influencer, you have a lot to offer beyond your following–you just need to change the conversation

Influencers + Travel Writers: How to Win More Brand Collaborations – Even Now.

In Wanderful’s new course, Mastering the Influencer + Brand Collaboration Lifecycle, you’ll learn how to address your prospects’ pain points, double your value, and effectively pitch brands to unlock their budget. Complete with downloadable templates and reference material, this course is based on the hundreds of collaborations instructor Netanya Trimboli has led over the past 7 years. This course is an inside look at what brands really want from influencers, with step by step instructions on how to achieve it.

In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your prospects’ world, learn the anatomy of the perfect pitch, and discover 16 value-adds brands love. You’ll learn how to piece everything together into a compelling proposal, must-have’s for contracts, and how to create that ever-so-important post-campaign report, plus how to keep relationship ties strong and earn repeat business.

Netanya created the course because she believes in the value influencers bring, but they often get passed up for other marketing opportunities because they’re not presenting themselves in a way that resonates with their prospects. Her goal is to help influencers rise to a new standard and become trusted business partners.

Brands have tighter budgets than before, but they still have a bevy of content and marketing needs that influencers can address cost-effectively and with maximum impact. Learn how to be that indispensable resource and win more business by registering now for Mastering the Influencer + Brand Collaboration Lifecycle.

About Netanya Trimboli
Netanya brings more than 15 years of hospitality marketing experience, with a focus on influencer relations since 2013. She currently serves as an Influencer Expert for the Wanderful community, as well as a Media Network Lead for the Impact Travel Alliance. Prior to these roles, she served as Director of Communications + PR for Hostelling International USA, where she launched the brand’s influencer relations strategy and led hundreds of collaborations during her tenure, winning several notable awards. She is co-founder of the Study Abroad & Global Citizenship Influencer Summit, an invite-only event with its roots at the White House and attended by top influencers in travel. Netanya has been a speaker at the United Nations and was invited to speak at SXSW 2020. 

Netanya Trimboli: Influencers + Travel Writers: How to Win More Brand Collaborations – Even Now.

Twitter: @netanya