The Lighthouse at Sheffield Island, Connecticut

by Kathryn Blanco / Apr 12, 2012 / 1 comments

For a refreshing, informative, and inexpensive day trip on the south shore of Connecticut the whole family will enjoy, Sheffield Island is a great destination to consider.  A small, historic, island in Norwalk, CT, Sheffield Island is home to the 142-year old Sheffield Island Light. After a fairly brief ferry trip over the Long Island Sound, you’ll land at Sheffield Island Dock.


Sheffield Island LIghthouse

Sheffield Island Lighthouse. Wikimedia Commons: American


One of the island tour guides near the dock will be more than happy to coat you with some bug spray to fend off the numerous flies that populate the island in the summer, sometimes in vast numbers. But inside the lighthouse keeper’s cottage, where you can opt to take a tour, it is temperature controlled and bug-free. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse into the way these lighthouse keepers and their families lived out alone on the island over a hundred years ago. I just wish the tour lasted a little longer. It is a relatively small house, and can only hold so many people, so you are a little bit rushed while you tour. Still, the house is bright, cozy, and inviting, but best of all it ends in a climb up the winding staircase to the lighthouse tower, where there’s a beautiful view of Long Island and, on a clear day, the New York City skyline spread out before you. Here, you are allowed to stay as long as you like and soak it all in.


I wouldn’t recommend staying too long, though. Amazing view aside, it can get pretty stuffy being up there for a while because, being a small room at the tallest point in the house, all the heat rises and is trapped in that one room. After you’re finished, it’s a relief to get outside where you are free explore the island via the many nature trails until the boat arrives three to four (depending on the day of the week) hours later to pick up your group. Before the boat arrives, though, I would recommend a little walk down to the beach, where you can stretch out on the sun-warmed sand and dip your feet in the cool water, as long as you watch out for small floating jellyfish. When the boat does arrive, you’re treated to another cool, relaxing ferry trip to finish off your eventful day at Sheffield Island.



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