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At Wandering Educators, we're always pleased to share new information about the world around us. This month, an exciting new magazine, called MexicoXpatz, premiered.  It is a beautiful digital magazine that focuses on Mexico, and highlights different cities in Mexico each issue. We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Pam Stone, the publisher of MexicoXpatz. Here's what she had to say...


WE:  Please tell us about your new magazine, MexicoXpatz...

PS: MexicoXpatz is the quarterly digital magazine covering all of Mexico, one
village/city at a time. Designed to delight and inform Mexico-lovers,
Mexico-curious and Mexico-bound, with lively snapshots of different
villages, coastal an inland, covering real estate trends, entertainment,
nightlife, arts and culture, where to stay, where to eat, recipes and
engaging interviews with xpatz.


WE:  What was the genesis of MexicoXpatz?

PS: The magazine was born from my love of Mexico and my desire to share the many years of experiences I've enjoyed as a Mexico resident and visitor.


WE: What is your background in Mexico?

PS: I grew up in the Guadalajara area: Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Ajijic and Chapala and have since traveled extensively to Tulum, Todos Santos, Cabo, San Miguel, Michoacan and more.


WE:  Who is your magazine for?

PS: MexicoXpatz is for anyone interested in learning about hidden gems for
purposes of vacation or purchasing property or retiring.


WE:  How can people find MexicoXpatz?


The new website went live Dec. 1
Our premiere issue on Tulum is being offered free with a one year
subscription. The areas being covered in 2009 are:
San Miguel de Allende, San Pancho, Oaxaca and Todos Santos


WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

PS: This is a fabulous resource as a guide to specific areas as well as means
of becoming acquainted with many different areas in Mexico. I am looking
forward to learning where our readers are interested in learning about as
well as which articles are of the most interest.


WE: Thanks so much, Pam! Your magazine is just packed with great information, so beautifully presented.


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