Perks of Being an Overpacker

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You call me an overpacker like it’s a bad thing, like it’s really so horrible that I brought 5 outfits for a 2 day trip. Perhaps it’s the optimist in me that prefers to see the good in things, because I see plenty of good in being an overpacker that translates into real life perks.


The Perks of Being an Overpacker

Photo flickr cc Dwight Sipler, adapted by Wandering Educators


I come prepared.

Prepared: Adjective: properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready

It may be summer, but I’ve got every season in my suitcase – or close to it. Summer isn’t foreign to occasional bouts of cold rain and harsh winds that will have you wishing you brought jeans and a sweatshirt. I’d rather have unused jeans and sweatshirts sit in my luggage than not have them should I have needed them. Better out than in - oops, that’s Shrek. Better safe than sorry.

And with that preparation, you can depend on me to be ready for whatever comes my way since I’m always thinking ahead.

Other common terms: overachiever, dependable, teacher’s pet, overthinker


The Perks of being an overpacker

Flickr cc: John Trainor


I have great organizational skills.

Organizational: Noun:  1. the act or process of organizing. 2. the state or manner of being organized.

Fitting all my stuff into 1 suitcase, 1 carry on, and 1 purse is no small feat. When you want all your stuff to fit into the suitcase, an overpacker will find a way to make it work. It’s all about finding the best way to fold clothes, or what can fit inside something else so that the zipper zips. Without breaking.

As an organizer, I see ways to make everything come together – whether it’s ensuring everything is in its proper place or assigning tasks and roles to make a product come to life.

Other common terms: Analytical, problem solver


Cristóbal Toral - Girl with the Pile of Suitcases. From Perks of being an overpacker

Cristóbal Toral - Girl with the Pile of Suitcases by Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology, on Flickr cc


I’m creative.

Creative: Adjective: 1. having the quality or power of creating. 2. Resulting from originality of through, expression, etc.; imaginative.

I can find reasoning to bring everything I packed. And if you challenge any of those reasons, I can come up with another 10. Some may sound far-fetched, but how different is far-fetched from creative? Creating reasons to bring items is the same as trying to create a sales pitch. Luckily for me, I’m my own best client. Creativity comes in many forms and can be so simple. Creating reasons to pack is its own form, just as this article is.

The ability to be creative and see things differently means that you can inspire others, encourage innovation, and express yourself.

Other common terms: resourceful, outside of the box, marketer


Getaway. From Perks of being an overpacker

Getaway by Bernard Goldbach, on Flickr cc


I have independence.

Independence: Noun: 1. Also, independency. The state or quality of being independent. 2. Freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

I don’t rely on anyone to pack for me – after all, they wouldn’t pack half the stuff I do. I make sure everything gets in there so that I am prepared, and I make sure it’s organized to fit. Also, I don’t let anyone tell me what to not pack, even when they call it far-fetched or useless. My suitcase is mine, and I will pack it to my delight. Maybe overpacking one’s suitcase isn’t the biggest form of independence, but it’s still mine because I’m not letting anyone (outside of TSA) control my packing.

By having independence (even in small doses) one can be certain that I am able to act alone… Though if you want to give me a section of your suitcase, I’m totally down for teamwork.

Other common terms: freethinker, strongwilled, fighter


Perks of being an overpacker

Flickr cc: Highways Agency


Overpacking is something I couldn’t give up if I tried. It’s habit and it’s genetic, and a defining part of me. You see an obnoxious amount of shit; I see suitcase full of wonders. And that’s the final perk of being an overpacker: you recognize the good you do with overpacking by seeing it positively and how it in return defines you. (After all, I’m saving money by shoving it into one suitcase instead of two, aren’t I?!)

Now go ahead; call me an overpacker.




Brianna Krueger is the Chief Editor for Wandering Educators


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