The Timelessness of RENT: 20th Anniversary on Tour

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Have you seen RENT yet? It is hard to imagine that this Broadway show is 20 years old, but time flies. We went to see it last night at Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University - and were blown away by the talent, story, and music. The actors? Incredible. The band? Likewise. Each actor stayed true to the original, while somehow making it modern for today. My favorite character? Angel!

Full cast, RENT on Tour 20th Anniversary

You know the story - based on La Boheme, but set in New York City in the 1980s, when AIDS was hitting hard. Our 14-year old daughter said, "RENT was absolutely amazing. Timeless. Perfectly set. All of the characters were like actual people - with both likeable and unlikeable traits. It felt real. And not much has changed in the human experience." 



RENT notes: "A re-imagining of Puccini’s La Bohème, RENT follows an unforgettable year in the lives of seven artists struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. With its inspiring message of joy and hope in the face of fear, this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters—love."

Mimi, RENT on Tour 20th Anniversary

Indeed. For all the while, watching this? I was thinking about how twenty years can pass, and we're still fighting the same fight. How throughout history, in ways big and small, love is the most important thing. When the full cast sang Seasons of Love, chills ran through me. It's one of my favorite songs, and has been for 20 years. Seeing it live? It surpasses anything I ever imagined. 525,600 minutes - life is measured in love.



RENT on Tour will be at Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University this weekend, November 11-13. The production will skip across the country until June, 2017. Check to see when it is coming near you. At Miller, limited $23 rush tickets will be available for the evening shows--just be at our Ticket Office by 6 p.m.

The Timelessness of RENT: 20th Anniversary on Tour

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