Touring Tangier, a Moroccan Marvel

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Apr 11, 2012 / 4 comments

Planning a trip to Africa? Then Tangier is one city you won’t want to miss. Located on the North African coast, Tangier offers a rich history that accounts for its multicultural status of today.

We made our way across the Strait of Gibraltar early morning on a ferry crowded with curious tourists. The prospect of a cheap day in Moroccan territory attracts more than a million travelers each year to this fascinating city. Upon arrival at the port, visitors were assigned a tour guide that led them into the city with haste.

Tangier - camels

This is the moment the hopeful Moroccan peddlers wait for. We’re immediately swarmed by vendors anxious to make a sale. Wonderfully handcrafted treasures of wood, silver, and leather are sold at absurdly low prices. Lead to large markets, locals everywhere seize the opportunity to impress tourists with dancing, music, and the all-time favorite: snake charming. If you’re feeling brave you can even pay the man a few coins to have the huge beast wrapped around neck. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

Tangier, Morocco

You’ll have no problem finding an inexpensive restaurant serving local cuisine. Tangier is famous for its different spices and variety of fresh seafood. Being located between the Mediterranean and Atlantic you won’t be short of options. Live entertainment is a common treat provided in restaurants. Cheerful men sang and plucked away at their instruments making our simple meal an event to remember. Word of advice: avoid drinking water during your stay in Tangier. Even a seemingly safe bottle of water was most likely rebottled and could make you very ill.

Tangier, Morocco

Spend your afternoon walking alongside the sandy beaches. If your feet are sore from a day of exploring, consider renting a camel. Look to the North to catch a glimpse of the distant Spanish coastline. If you plan on staying the night, don’t count on getting much sleep. Hotels are rarely air-conditioned and with windows wide open, you will quickly discover why Tangier is known as the ‘City that Does Not Sleep.’

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