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One of the best ways to use the internet for travel is to explore and research where you're going - it also provides a great deal of inspiration! One of the best sites I've seen for inspiration is They've got incredible videos and focus on several locations. My favorites are the videos with a food slant - markets, restaurants, and more. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Ariane Marder of, for a behind the scenes look att the site. Here's what she had to say...



WE: Please tell us about your site,

AM: is an online travel channel that brings together accomplished travel professionals and cutting-edge video production. Shot in vivid high-definition, our travel videos bring you "on location" to each of our select destinations, from Jamaica and the Caribbean to New York and Las Vegas. In addition to our destination and lifestyle videos, we feature over 250 hotel and resort video profiles that offer an unbiased and objective view so that guests can look before they book. Complementing our programming, we also publish a slate of articles geared towards the discerning traveler, as well as provide readers with answers to their questions.



WE: What was the genesis of your site?

AM:  The company began as a cable television network. But with the belief that broadband is starting to replace cable television, we saw it as an opportunity to create short form programming that is both interactive and transactional.



WE: How do you choose the locations for your videos?

AM: We choose our locations based on content and popularity.  For instance, the Caribbean, Mexico, Vegas and New York are popular vacation destinations for the North American demographic.



WE: How can travelers best utilize your site for their travel planning?

AM: There are two ways that travelers can get the most out of our site. For one, our videos and articles provide essential information on the best restaurants, nightlife and places to visit, including leading hotels and spas. We also provide weekly travel deals on our site and at our sister site,, where consumers can book fantastic travel deals presented in high-definition video.



WE: Thanks so much, Ariane - we highly recommend to our readers!


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