Weird Moments Make the Best Memories

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How many weird things can happen in a week?

People try to act like ‘weird’ is a bad thing, when in reality it’s not. Everyone is weird in their own way, which technically means if we’re all weird, we’re actually all normal.

Weird can be good. In fact, weird moments can often make the best memories. No one wants to reminisce on ‘hey, remember that time when we sat on our asses watching television for seven hours straight?’ Sure, 7 hours of television is impressive, but when you look back on your trip, do you really want that be the opening scene?

You said no, right?

Good. If not, well, that’s awkward and you’re weird – see! I told you everyone is weird in their own way.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have to prompt: how many weird memories can be created during a week-long family vacation?

The answer: Too many.

Weird moments make the best memories -


1.    You get an interesting workout

Nothing says ‘home sweet home’ like a gym positioned under a tent that my dad sent up in the middle of the backyard of your cabin. (Membership fee: ten dollars or three big rocks.) It includes a weight machine, yoga mat, various little weights, and a hula hoop. The gym probably leans more toward tacky than weird, but either way, it’s just not normal to have a gym set up in your yard next to the grill and your uncle’s sleeping tent.

The backyard "gym"


2.    You interact with wild animals

Once during the middle of the night, my uncle awoke in his tent (next to the outdoor gym) and saw a light on inside the cabin. When he got up to turn it off, he noticed something moving around, but wasn’t sure what. He thought it was maybe us kids, but then reasoned on it being a bat. The next morning we searched the blinds and window tops but found nothing and assumed my uncle’s imagination must have been playing games. Then that night while most of us where down at the beach, my mother came hauling ass down there to grab my dad to come take care of what was indeed a live bat flying around - in my room.


3.    You get entertained way too easily

One morning, we were all sipping coffee when someone went outside and happened to notice a baby bird chilling in our driveway. With interest, we all grabbed our mugs and went outside to inspect the bird. None of us could tell what it was, except that it was so young it couldn’t fly. Its poor mother couldn’t be found, nor could we spot its nest in a nearby tree. We dug out books on birds, began googling pictures, and even uploaded pictures to facebook trying to figure out what it was and how we could rescue it. For two hours, we did nothing but worry about that bird. We didn’t save it (he hopped away) and we never figured out what kind of bird it was – Can you?

Unidentified baby bird

4.    You eat like a king

Donuts for breakfast and ice cream for lunch; life doesn’t get better than that. Except when you have pizza for dinner. All three in one day, it must be a dream, or something my family does because well, it’s vacation and as Drake once said, “yolo.”


5.    You get your dad taking instagram-esque photos

My dad bought himself a fancy holder for his ipad that makes it easier to hold. Basically, it’s a hand strap. Nothing is more hilarious than watching him hold it up and take photos with it (because let’s be honest, using an ipad to take pictures looks ridiculous; adding the strap is even more ridiculous). And not only does he use it to take pictures of his food - he takes pictures of everyone’s food. But he doesn’t even upload them to instagram; he just acts like a user.

the ipad holder for instagram-esque photos


6.    You get into stinky situations

Where we were vacationing, there’s a break wall in the water that breaks up the waves from the harbor. You’re allowed to walk on the mile long structure, which means you might bring your dog. However, when nature calls for said dog, it’s not quite that easy, especially if you forgot a doggy bag. So when my Uncle’s dog had nature strike, he had to kick the poop with his shoe into the water. He got a nice foot print, as well as left a skid mark. Hopefully no one else followed in my Uncle’s steps.


7.    You start a cheer team

On a sunny afternoon, my family was enjoying ourselves on the beach. Out in the water we noticed a sailboat go down and with much difficulty, could not get up again. First we formed a rescue team, consisting of my brother on his jet ski and eventually my uncle in a kayak. And I suppose we can include my cousins who were sitting out on the water trampoline, too. Second, we became a cheer squad, rooting for our rescue team, because as you've seen in number 3, we get entertained easily. And we wanted to make sure the sailor was safe. We clapped our hands as my brother towed the sailboat and the guy to shore. 2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?!

You start a cheer team...


8.    You get way too personal

Most of my cousins are girls; this mean we usually stick together. And it’s a good thing they (as I only heard about this later) stuck together because they decided to skinny dip in the middle of the day. They held their suits above their heads as proof as they swam around, thankfully further away from where we were lying - because Lake Huron is a very clear, see-through lake.


9.    You get to play dress up

Even in your fifties. That’s really all there is to say.



10.    You find interesting ways of cooking

Each night, a different family has responsibility for cooking dinner. On one of my aunt’s nights, she had her daughter bake brownies. However, when they came out of the oven they were still watery. Since they were staying at a cabin down the road from ours, they brought them over and baked them in our oven. So the brownies got cooked in 2 different ovens… But someone didn’t like that idea and turned the oven off. Later that day, someone decided they wanted the brownies, turned the oven back on and baked them till they were no longer liquid. So the brownies got baked 3 different times. And we ate them all, even though the brownies had baked for over an hour and a half in 2 different ovens and for 3 different times.


11.    You get commended for your fun over facebook

We’re a large bunch – close to twenty-five. And with all our weirdness, we like to have a good time. (Who doesn’t?) Get us all singing and I’m sure the entire village of Port Austin could hear us at our bonfire. One of our neighbors did and commended us over facebook for being so awesome. (This is why we wanted to do our prank at my last birthday celebration – because it’s true.)

#11. You get commended for your fun over facebook

We may have weird things happen to us, but that’s probably pretty normal. I’m sure you have some you’d like to share in the comments, or maybe you’d like to join us on vacation next summer, where I’m sure things will get even weirder. We have to outdo ourselves. We’re Kruegers. We’re awesome. We go to infinity and beyond.


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