Through the Eyes of an Educator: Educating Amidst the Trauma of Sustained Chaotic Turmoil

by Stacey Ebert /
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May 03, 2020 / 0 comments

Simultaneously, in most places around the globe, children are home, teachers are instructing in a whole new way, and the threat of an unseen virus is at the heart of it all. We scroll through the memes measuring this time akin to Groundhog’s Day; some of us feel safe at home, while others feel ‘stuck’ in a cycle with an unknown ending.

Through it all, our students are taking in this new ‘normal’ of sorts.

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Let The Nature Conservancy Help You Find Great Birds Around the Great Lakes

Millions of birds will fly over the Great Lakes region this spring as they migrate north to their summer breeding grounds, but many populations of bird species are declining and in peril, according to ornithology experts at The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Black throated blue warbler. From Let The Nature Conservancy Help You Find Great Birds Around the Great Lakes
Black throated blue warbler

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Read This: Candace Rose Rardon on Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know

One of our favorite artists, Candace Rose Rardon, is back with a book! Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know, published by Quirk Books, is a fantastic and comforting read. We have published an excerpt from the book: Tea Tasting 101 – click to read.

Hope as a Companion: Music for the Journey

by Kerry Dexter /
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Apr 20, 2020 / 0 comments

There are so many ways music can speak to, and with, these shifting and changing times. For this part of the adventure of Music for Shifting Times, come along on a journey that takes in dark and light, but always with hope as a companion.

Hope as a Companion: Music for the Journey

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Read this: Living a Big Life in Patricia Leavy’s Candy Floss Collection

Want to read about living a big life? One that is honest, searching, and includes relatable characters? One of our favorite authors, Patricia Leavy, is back with a collection of 3 novels, re-released in her new book, Candy Floss Collection. We love–and highly recommend–it!

Read this: Living a Big Life in Patricia Leavy’s Candy Floss Collection

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Leipzig Bachfest Invites you to Sing the St. John Passion

With an extraordinary performance of the St. John Passion, the Leipzig Bachfest will be bringing the world together on Good Friday in Johann Sebastian Bach's church of St. Thomas - and the global Bach community is invited to sing along. 

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Tea Tasting 101

We are so excited to share a tasty new book from Quirk Books, entitled Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know. Here's an excerpt: Tea Tasting 101. Look for an interview with author (and one of our favorite writers and artists), Candace Rose Rardon, soon.

Tea Tasting 101. From Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know

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Songs from Holocaust Testimonies Comprise New Musical Production from Yale University

In the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, Jewish prisoners forged significant bonds and created ephemeral documents of their torturous experiences through song. Yale University's Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies has produced an album, in collaboration with musicologist and musician D. Zisl Slepovitch, to honor the significance of these works: "Where Is Our Homeland?: Songs from Testimonies in the Fortunoff Video Archive, Volume 1."

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The Basics of Setting Up Your Own Tutorial Business

The  tutoring industry in the United States costs $7 billion and is growing in popularity in both home and on-site sectors, according to Franchise Help. Even with access to learning materials online, having a teacher live-in-action to conduct lessons plays a different impact on students. Thus, the tutoring industry is a good niche to break into if you are looking to set up a new venture. So, how do you start a tutoring business? Here’s what you need to know.

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Why is Lifelong Learning a Vital Tool for Educators?

Teachers, by the very nature of their job, have an instinct for learning, distilling and sharing information, and they are also the very symbol of a lifelong passion for discovering new things. “The need for imagination, as a sense of truth, and as a feeling of responsibility—these are the three forces which are the very nerve of education,” said Rudolf Steiner, yet when this need is ignited,  it never truly ends.