The best water day of my life

by Gabriel Miller / Oct 01, 2013 /

As I walked back from the beach, alone on a quiet road, I thought to myself, “I need to write about this, I need to let the world know how many awesome things people can do in the water.” And so I have.

The Art of Eating a Durian

by Anevay Darlington / Sep 28, 2013 /

Durian Fruit… In my opinion they are strange. You, the reader, might see why if you read on…

The Art of Eating a Durian

Alien Citizen: Third Culture Kids, from Everywhere and Nowhere

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Are you a Third Culture Kid (TCK)? You know who you are - having grown up around the world, you're comfortable anywhere in the world. Sometimes you have itchy feet, while at other times you long to put down roots (if even for a bit) - but maybe with people, not necessarily with a place.

How Much Can You See On Your First Day in the UK?

by Wido Peppinck / Aug 24, 2013 /

Monday 29th April

Arriving from Australia into Heathrow early on a Monday morning, my partner Alison and I recovered our luggage and made our way towards the immigration and customs areas. Though we should have been tired after a seven hour flight from Dubai preceded by an eleven hour flight from Australia, we were in fact elated and full of energy. We exited the Airbus A380, and made our way to the baggage collection area.

Singer, Poet, and Scotland: Eddi Reader and Robert Burns

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Being part of a punk band, acting the part of a country singer in a television series, and scoring a number one UK pop chart hit: those are all part of singer and songwriter Eddi Reader’s resume. She’s also brought the music of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns to the symphony and to stages at folk festivals and clubs.

You eat this? Crazy.

by Gabriel Miller / Jun 23, 2013 /

Foods are what keep us alive, right? So why does the human race eat food like “Bandit Burger! And if you don’t want a mile long one then how about a junior Bandit Burger!”? (Courtesy of Mc Donalds commercial.) I mean really, why not a smelly durian fruit?

What I packed & what I shouldn’t have brought

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What I packed & what I shouldn’t have brought: one girl’s struggle with over packing and condensing.

When I find out I’m going on vacation, my first thought (aside from being excited that I’m going somewhere) is ‘oh shit. How am I going to pack?

Speedboat Snorkeling - Snorkeling Cancun Style

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Snorkeling is something that’s never piqued my interest. If given the opportunity, you’re likely to hear me say ‘meh.’ I could live without it, as there are plenty of other things that I would be happier to do. This was why when on my latest vacation to Cancun, Mexico, when my two friends wanted to go and one friend didn’t, I nobly offered to stay behind with the lone friend.

Weird is Relative: The Case of the Manatee

by Rhythm Turner / Apr 02, 2013 /

The world is filled with strange and unusual things. Although, if you live seeing something your entire life, it can seem perfectly normal.


Food for Thought: The Traditional (and not so traditional) Foods of Hawaii

by Austin Weihmiller / Mar 12, 2013 /
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Food for Thought: The Traditional (and not so traditional) Foods of Hawaii

Ono(licious) adjective - Hawaiian vernacular for describing something with taste and quality. Derives from our quirky pigeon language.

Aina noun - Hawaiian for 'land'