Pursuing Happiness: A Documentary about the Happiest People You Know

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Americans spend billions of dollars a year trying to get happy – but what is the secret to actually finding happiness? How do America's most positive people actually fulfill the "pursuit of happiness" that is promised to us as a right? Documentarian Adam Shell ("Put the Camera on Me" and "Finding Kraftland") wanted to find the answer – so he asked.

The Dogs Who Were Left Behind: A Charming Tale

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The tale of two dogs who were left behind, by one of our editors (and one of my favorite writers), Winfred Peppinck, is a charming tale, one that is intended for both kids and their parents. You know those kind of books, where you are actually laughing while you read, because it is so clever? THIS IS ONE! 

Double Acts of Kindness

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There’s nothing that enhances a travel experience more than being the recipient or the initiator of a random act of kindness. It’s what we hold onto most dearly when we reflect on our visits to foreign lands, long after the memories of sculptures and monuments fade. In my years of world travel, I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of many unexpected displays of good will—by a local resident, perhaps, who offers to walk with me to my destination. I love returning the favor, whether I’m traveling abroad or I’m at home in Los Angeles.

Scotland's Storyteller in Song: Archie Fisher

by Kerry Dexter / Apr 18, 2016 /
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Music from contemporary songwriters, from traditional sources, from his own composing: this is what you will find on Archie Fisher's recording A Silent Song. That is a mix he has been stirring across his career. Now in his mid seventies, Fisher finds that music still draws him on. "It has only occurred to me relatively recently that the incentive to keep doing it is hearing that new song," he says.

#StudyAbroadBecause it forever changes the way you see yourself

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Stormy Sweitzer is a consultant, everyday explorer, and co-author, with her husband/collaborator Will Swanepoel, of the YA environmental spy thriller The Drowning Shark: A Sierra Rouge Adventure (read our author interview here!). You can discover more of Stormy's writing at

WASP of the Ferry Command: Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds

by wandering freditor / Apr 01, 2016 /

I am a great admirer of the author Robert Caro, the pre-eminent authority on Lyndon Johnson, for his command of detail and the thoroughness of his research. In my view, Sarah Byrn Rickman is drawn from the same gene pool, for her definitive work on the WASP during WWII, entitled WASP of the Ferry Command: Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds.

Where are you from?

by Brianna Krueger / Mar 11, 2016 /
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“Where are you from?” is one of the most common questions when you met someone new. Where someone is from can tell you a lot about them... whether they can drive in the snow, whether they use ‘you guys’ or ‘y’all’, whether they grew up in a concrete jungle or sprawled suburban wasteland or water-front wonderland, whether they’re familiar with the area or not, and so on. 

Want to be a travel writer? Read this: Travel Writing 2.0

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Whether you're a travel writer and want to up your game, or are interested in learning about becoming a travel writer, I've got the resource for you. Tim Leffel, of Perceptive Travel and Travel Writing 2.0 (read my interview here!), has updated his classic guide to travel writing and brings with it an awareness of this new media landscape we live and work in.

Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World: The Moment

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Do you feel exhausted and stressed from the constant tending of social media, working harder, and trying to catch up? Join the club. But it’s a club we’d not choose, but somehow it is the way we live our lives today. And if you’re not happy, I recently read a book that addresses these issues, beautifully. Achim Nowak, an international authority on presence and interpersonal connection, has penned a new book, entitled The Moment: a Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World.

The Drowning Shark: An International Adventure

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Rowling, Riordan, and Sweitzer & Swanepoel – authors who GET adventure writing for young adults. Know the first two, but not the last? That’s about to change, with the new Sierra Rouge adventure series by Stormy Sweitzer & Will Swanepoel. The first in the series is entitled The Drowning Shark, and, like all the books in the series, focuses on social change, compassion for the world around us, and adventure.