Speedboat Snorkeling - Snorkeling Cancun Style

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Snorkeling is something that’s never piqued my interest. If given the opportunity, you’re likely to hear me say ‘meh.’ I could live without it, as there are plenty of other things that I would be happier to do. This was why when on my latest vacation to Cancun, Mexico, when my two friends wanted to go and one friend didn’t, I nobly offered to stay behind with the lone friend.

Weird is Relative: The Case of the Manatee

by Rhythm Turner / Apr 02, 2013 /

The world is filled with strange and unusual things. Although, if you live seeing something your entire life, it can seem perfectly normal.


Food for Thought: The Traditional (and not so traditional) Foods of Hawaii

by Austin Weihmiller / Mar 12, 2013 /
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Food for Thought: The Traditional (and not so traditional) Foods of Hawaii

Ono(licious) adjective - Hawaiian vernacular for describing something with taste and quality. Derives from our quirky pigeon language.

Aina noun - Hawaiian for 'land'


Eleven Types of Family Vacation Photos

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Vacations wouldn't be complete without a family photo. You need something to show off to all your friends and relatives after you get back. Hearing about isn’t enough; I want the visual aids, like the picture of your family (hopefully) having the time of lives at some destination that I wasn’t invited to.

An Unexpected Encounter in Acadia National Park

by Sydney Kahl / Feb 27, 2013 /

An Unexpected Encounter


Pie Is A Recipe For Happiness

by EdventureGirl / Feb 06, 2013 /
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Pie. Raspberry Pie. Cooling just next to the oven on a wire rack. The sweet, tart fragrance fills the kitchen, making my mouth water. It’s my Grammy’s pie. She always makes it for my mom’s birthday. Her log cabin up in the colds of Canada is one of my favorite places in the world, and the smell of raspberry pie can instantly bring me back there. But I’m not there now. I’m standing outside a bakery somewhere far from her log cabin, an insane grin plastered over my face at the smell of raspberry pie.

May This be the Best Year of Your Life

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 15, 2013 /
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Have you often dreamed of picking up your life and heading overseas? Thought about the joys and challenges of teaching in another culture? Envisioned yourself making a change in yourself – and others? Educator Sandy Bornstein did just that – and has written a compelling, honest, and interesting glimpse into the life of an international teacher.

Wedged Between the Tectonic Plates: Snorkeling Under the Midnight Sun

by Austin Weihmiller / Jan 13, 2013 /
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It’s cold. Painfully cold. So cold, I begin to question the logic behind my thrill seeking madness. It’s these sort of crazy people that end up on the news, right? The headlines screaming American Found Frozen Between Tectonic Plates, Iceland. The water is only up to my ankles, and already, a string of eclectic language has escaped my lips. It’s now or never, though. The frozen body of a Hawaii teen was located in the chilly waters of Iceland… I double-check that my mask is on tight, dry suit valves are locked and closed.

China’s One-Child Policy From My Students with Siblings

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China has too many people. It’s no secret.

Playing Minecraft With Friends Across The World

by Anders Bruihler / Dec 31, 2012 /

When I lived in Montenegro, I used to play Minecraft with two of my friends.  It was a lot of fun for us.  When my family left Montenegro, I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends anymore.  When I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a week, I met two other traveling kids who played Minecraft, and I played with them when we could.  Recently, I decided to try to arrange a time for all of us to play over the Internet, to connect and have fun.