8 Cheap Travel Ideas

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Travel doesn't always have to be about spending lots of money. There are plenty of ways to save money on travel - here are our favorites:


Volunteer abroad. You'll have to pay for your flights, but often you can find a volunteer position that provides room and board. Check out WWOOF, where you help on farms in exchange for room and board.


Budget Accommodations
While some prefer hostels, if you're older or have a family, you can find budget accommodations elsewhere. Try renting an apartment or a house - you can save money on food (by cooking at home), and their rates are generally less expensive than hotels. Or, try camping - the ultimate in budget accommodations, with gorgeous views.


Do your research! You can find cheap domestic flights, budget rail tickets, and can even carpool to get around. If you can walk around town, you'll save money on taxis. Some cities have bike rental places (e.g., the Velib in Paris) - what fun!



the view out the airplane window



More research - you can buy city passes online, or get a student or teacher ID card, which will grant you discounts or free admission into many attractions. Eat early - often from 4-6pm, there are early bird discounts on meals at restaurants. You can get half price theater tickets at ticket booths in NYC - or ask for a student/teacher discount.


Shop the market
Instead of eating at a restaurant, head to the market and buy fresh fruit and veggies, bread, cheese, wine. Then (this is my favorite part), head to a scenic  area (park, beach, anywhere lovely outdoors) and have a picnic!! Raining? Take your picnic inside - you'll be warm and cosy, instead of drenched and frustrated by restaurant lines, etc.


Location, location, location
Stay away from tourist spots, where prices are astronomically more expensive. If you head to Edinburgh, you'll spend much less than in London. Look at the ruins in Sicily or Tunisia, as opposed to the ones in Rome.


There are often free local fairs in good weather, all around the world. Again, do your research and find out when is the best time to go. While Edinburgh might be expensive during the Film Festival, if you love it, it's worth it. Also, small towns often have lovely fairs all summer long - explore, learn, live like a local!  Check out books - Frommer's NYC Free and Dirt Cheap is a good one.


When to go
Travel during the shoulder season to save money on accommodations, flights, and more. It's much easier, as well, to learn about a place when you aren't part of a huge crowd.



Loch Ness in September - not crowded!

Loch Ness in September - not crowded!




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