My 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments

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Feb 25, 2011 / 2 comments

My 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments

10. Loving the colors, sights, and sounds at the Grand Haven Kite Festival, Lake Michigan.  Building a sand castle, running into the waves to wash off, all with an extraordinarily color-filled sky.


At Lake Michigan


9. Taking a circuitous cab ride to the southern part of Hong Kong Island, finding the perfect café in which to have an Irish coffee with a friend.

8. Playing hide and seek in the sculptured metallic waves, Ballard Locks, Seattle.

7. Swimming at dusk at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan. The sunsets always bring peace to our family.

6. Drinking coffee at sunrise, seal watching, whilst perched on a rock at our rental home, Ireland.

5. Riding a bike from my home at the University of London to Bloomsbury, feeling the sun on my face amidst city traffic and noise.

4. Climbing narrow, winding streets to a tiny fondue restaurant in a seedy neighborhood in Paris. Clambering over other diners to get to our spots at the single long table. Communal wine, fondue, laughter, and cheer.

3.  Singing in Japanese at a children’s summer camp in Japan – while holding a precious small boy who followed me around like a lost puppy, always wanting to be held and carried.

2. Buying fresh, organic carrots at the local market in Freiburg, Germany, from a wrinkled, stooped woman whose eyes had seen so much.

1.  Holding hands with my husband on a beach in Scotland, watching our daughter joyfully search for treasure.




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