Top Free Smartphone Travel Apps

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If you don't have a smartphone, better get one now. It's all about researching and learning on the move! If you're traveling, this is an exciting resource - you can find out whatever you need to know, while you're on the go - from food and flights to bathrooms and buying...

Here are our Top free travel apps:

1. Sit or Squat
Because let's be honest, it finds bathrooms and tells you how clean they are.

2. Skype
To keep in touch with home, if you're far away

3. Hipmunk flight search
Hipmunk has a great flight search, and works with Orbitz on flights. Easy to read!

4. FLYsmart
Real time, location-based application that is a treasure trove of information about airports. Includes flight information.

5. Gas Buddy
Enter your zip code, and Gas Buddy will tell you where the cheapest gas is close by.

6. Google Translate
Easy translation, on the spot. Can get you out of a jam - or help with ordering in that all-reptile restaurant!

7. Urbanspoon
Reader recommendations for great restaurants at all price points, by city. We just found the best taqueria in Dayton, Ohio, using this! Give it a shake and let the urbanspoon magic work.

8. Google Maps
Very helpful with street view, to find your location (especially if you are in a place where there aren't good directions).

9. Tripit Travel organizer
You can organize everything about your trip here, and it will be right at your fingertips.

10. What's the Rate
Created by Thomas Cook, Ltd. (yes, the travel gurus), this app converts currencies and gives you trends, so that you can compare and know if you're getting a good exchange rate.

And a bonus one -

11. Wi-Fi Finder
Need I say more?

What are your favorite free travel apps? Chime in!