6 Ways to Get Around Australia

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Australia is a big place. Often, when travelers head there, they think of going to one place. But imagine exploring Australia – in a variety of ways! There are so many different ways to get around Australia – and as you know, the journey is the best part! You will find that your travel stories will be much richer, for the diversity of your experiences.

Here are 6 ways to get around Australia:

6 Ways to Get Around Australia - travel tips

Snowy Mountains Highway within Kosciuszko National Park. Wikimedia Commons: Tatiana Gerus from Brisbane, Australia, adapted by Wandering Educators

1.    Car.

You can definitely explore Australia via car (or rent a campervan), and rentals are easy in big cities. Remember, in Australia, you drive on the left. If you’d like to head to/through the Outback, be sure to prepare for offroading experiences. Have plenty of fuel, water and food supplies, and even a satellite phone (because your cell phone will most likely not have coverage there). In the Outback, watch for animals, and if you ever have an emergency, stay with your car. Be sure to follow all rules and regulations, and read up on what you need to do where (like watching for penguins).


Driving in Australia - don't hit the penguins sign!

Photo courtesy flickr creative commons: rberteig

2.    Train.

Romantic, yes? A cross-continent rail journey? If you’re interested, take the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth across the Nullarbor Plain (a 3 day journey), or the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin (a 2 day journey). Or take a shorter journey - ride to Red Rock (time from Sydney - 9 hours). Take a look:


3.    Fly.

Australia is so large that flying is definitely the easiest option. If you’re not a road-tripper, this option is for you (less time to get places!). Australia’s national airline is Qantas, and they are well-known as a reliable, safe, and culturally involved airline. 1-2% of their staff are Aboriginals, and Qantas also supports aboriginal art.

Qantas tail

Photo courtesy flickr creative commons: flickr.com/photos/39551170@N02/

4.    Boat.

You knew this was coming, right? What better way to explore an island (albeit an extremely large one) than by boat? You can take the Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Devonport (Tasmania). Sailing is also popular, and one of the most beautiful areas of Australia (the Whitsundays) is best explored via sailboat

Sailing in Australia

Photo courtesy flickr creative commons: madeleine_h

5.    Buses.

Whether you choose regular bus routes or via tours, buses are an easy and inexpensive way to get around. You can use the national bus network, Greyhound Australia to get around, or even take tours. There are also many smaller buses (coaches) and bus tours available – do your research and find what fits best for you. 


6.    Bike.

What, you may ask? Yes, many people bike around Australia! The land is mostly flat and easy to ride – and there are many paved roads, as well as country roads for you off-road enthusiasts. Bike helmets are compulsory, as well as lights for riding in the dark. Download and carry the government series maps to learn your route. More information is available from different bicycle organizations in each territory. As with cars, be sure to carry enough water and supplies to last you – sometimes, towns can be very far apart. 

biking in Australia

Photo courtesy flickr creative commons: lolo