7 Super Shots

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Mar 11, 2012 / 0 comments

My 7 favorite photos:

A photo that...takes my breath away

sunset, Lake Michigan

Every 4th of July, we head up to our cottage (thus exchanging one lake home for another, but that's another story) for good family fun and excellent food. One of the highlights of the weekend are the fireworks over Lake Michigan. We dig a sand couch, pass out the snacks, swim (or at least poke our toes in the water, depending on the temperature of the Big Lake), watch the sunset, and ooh and ah over the fireworks. Personally, I prefer the sunset.


A photo that…makes me laugh or smile

Locals, Ireland

We were driving the Ring of Kerry, in Ireland, and stopped by the roadside to catch our breath. Those roads are windy and small, and the buses loom large! At this particular stop, two "locals" came by in search of sustenance and a petting. While we didn't carry any food, we did pet them, and pose with them as well. I still laugh, thinking of their cold noses surprising us while we were sitting on the wall.


A photo that…makes me dream


One of the joys of living on a lake is the quiet solitude of early mornings. I slip out of the house, coffee mug in hand, and hop into my kayak. Slowly gliding through the mist, I try not to disturb anything - cobwebs, the great blue heron, fish, or the family of swans. These memories will sustain me through the long, cold Michigan winters - dreaming of early mornings, quiet, dragonflies, and cobwebs...


A photo that…makes me think


One of our favorite experiences, ever, was touring the Culloden Battlefield, near Inverness, Scotland.  Our daughter was entranced, soaking up all the knowledge of history that she could. These markers, in the moor that was the battlefield, are a stark reminder of the very human loss that occurred. The silence on the moor is a respectful one, honoring those that fought for their countries.


A photo that…makes my mouth water

Mallaig Prawns


Mallaig Prawns

Well, this just about says it, doesn't it? The best prawns I have ever had were Mallaig prawns, in Mallaig, Scotland. They were freshly caught that day, were extremely prickly so that I had to work for my food, but truly were extraordinary.


A photo that…tells a story

Beach. Scotland

Another photo from Mallaig, Scotland - after our scrumptious lunch at the Tea Garden (see prawns, above), we drove around the coast for a while, and found a series of beaches where families were walking their dogs, picking up seashells, and boating. This particular family, silhouetted here, were laughing so hard the whole time we were there. It echoed off the dunes, and made us smile for hours as we whiled away the afternoon.


A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)


One of the first shots I took with my DSLR (years ago)! I spent a half hour looking for color patterns, closeups, and interest. This zebra kept coming closer, wanting to nibble my camera strap and jacket. Every time I felt a tug, I'd look over and he would look down, all innocent. I love this photo, not only for the color and detail, but for the character. It taught me that the hallmark of good photography is paying attention - not necessarily to landscape,but also to detail.


Note: this article was originally published in 2012 and updated in 2020