Airports: how to avoid terminal annoyances

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Feb 29, 2012 / 1 comments

There are a whole host of reasons why people choose to fly to their chosen destination. While it may not be the cheapest option to get to a selected resort, city, or country, the combination of speed, efficiency and comfort makes airports one of the most enjoyable travel hubs to use. However, like everything else, there are a few drawbacks about them - luckily, you can avoid them with a little forethought and common sense.


Airport parking

Many airports across the UK - and world at large - are far away from their respective city. This was especially highlighted by the questionably-renamed London Luton Airport, which is no less than 30 miles from the capital. As a result, many people drive to their departure, though often get dubious deals with certain parking providers. However, trustworthy organisations like Skypark Secure at Manchester Airport offer great packages and safe, fully-guarded spaces to store your car while you enjoy yourself on holiday; never overlook this option when travelling to the airport.


Dodgy currency charges

One way to save money and avoid stress is to exchange money away from your airport. Notorious for taking advantage of underprepared travellers, terminal kiosks are ridiculously uneconomical and could do you out of as much as ten per cent of your holiday spending money, especially over smaller transactions.


Hidden costs on flights

Luckily, people are getting used to understanding underlying flight charges, yet many providers are getting increasingly sneaky with these added costs. Headline fares rarely portray the full cost, as the likes of Ryanair have famously shown. While the company website may advertise free flights, "optional" extras like online check-in, payment handling fees and baggage check-in fees can really ramp up that price. If you can, check in online without hold luggage, and never lose your boarding card!


High prices in the terminal

Finally, unless you want to treat yourself, pack your own sandwiches. When you realise that these places can charge up to £2.50 for a bottle of water, you realise you're being ripped off - especially if they're going to take it off you at the gate.




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  • A Bates

    12 years 4 months ago

    There are many great travel apps for your smart phone and iPhone.  The USA Today have an article for free things to do at many airports, including Seoul, Munich and London Heathrow.


    Adam Bates
    Educator Insurance Specialist

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