A Beer Tour of Asia

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One of the best ways to learn about a country is through experiencing the food and drink. From Pad Thai in Thailand to sushi in Japan, the deliciousness can expand your worldview. But what about the drinks? Beer is an extremely popular and tasty way to learn about a country – and perhaps share a table at a restaurant and meet some new friends.

A Beer Tour of Asia

Asia is well known for its delicious beer – I can personally attest to tastiness of the beer of Japan (Asahi, I’m looking at you!). Let’s explore Asia via its beer, shall we?


Did you know that people drink 2 liters of beer per capita? Yes, Indians are serious about their beer. The best known local beer is Kingfisher, although there are several other local brands that can whet your whistle, especially when it’s hot out.

India: Kingfisher. From A Beer Tour of Asia



Coming in far behind India, Cambodians drink .74 liters of beer per capita. However, the most popular Cambodian beer is named after their biggest tourist attraction – Angkor Wat. Angkor Kingdom beer is the most popular beer!

Cambodia: Angkor Kingdom. From A Beer Tour of Asia


Heading to Vietnam? Better get ready – the Vietnamese drink 19 liters of beer per capita! After dodging traffic (those infernal motorbikes), sit down with a Bia Saigon and relax.

Vietnam: Bia Saigon. From A Beer Tour of Asia


 I love that a recent archaeological dig discovered that ancient Chinese villagers were brewing beer as far back as 7000 BC. This is my kind of archaeology! The Chinese drink 32 liters of beer per capita, and you’re probably familiar with their most popular beer, Tsingtao. However, there are many other popular beers, so get ready for a taste test.

China: Tsingtao. From A Beer Tour of Asia


Japan might take the prize – you can even buy beer from vending machines! This might be why the Japanese drink 45 liters of beer per capita. My favorites are Asahi and Sapporo, although there are many other popular beers. Again, how about a taste test? Kanpai!

Japan: Asahi. From A Beer Tour of Asia


The Thai drink only 2 liters of beer per capita. They might have the most artistic labels, though – Singha beer features a Thai dragon, while Chang beer features elephants. No picking the labels – how about an Instagram photo?

Thailand: Singha. From A Beer Tour of Asia


If you’re headed into Burma for a bit, you might be surprised to find the Burmese drinking something else. They only drink .10 liter per capita! However, Myanmar beer has a lovely label – part of its high price?

Burma: Myanmar beer


In Bhutan, they don’t drink much beer - .5 liters per capita! Try Hit beer, or even Fosters, which has a local beer here. If you want a stronger beer, try 11000 – at 8% alcohol!

Bhutan: Hit beer. From A Beer Tour of Asia

Sri Lanka

There's not much beer drinking in Sri Lanka, either – only .02 liters per capita. You can get Lion Beer (lovely label) or other beers from bottle stores (at 8.8% alcohol!)

Sri Lanka: Lion Beer. From A Beer Tour of Asia


Here's another country where they are drinking other things (butter tea, perhaps?), with only .5 liters of beer consumed per capita. Try Golden Gobi, or Chinggis Mongolian Lager. Love these historical names.

Mongolia: Golden Gobi. From A Beer Tour of Asia


Remember, don’t pronounce the S at the end. In Laos, there are 6 liters of beer consumed per capita. The most popular local beer is Beerlao (love the name). The tiger label is from a different beer called ‘Tiger’ which is brewed in Singapore

Laos: Beerlao. From A Beer Tour of Asia





Thinking it’s about time you headed to Asia to sample some beer? Me, too!





All photos courtesy the respective breweries.